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Frequently Asked Questions


What is experiences sharing?

The sharing of experiences is the collection and dissemination of information about shareable experiences (see "2. (What is an experience report", in the Guide of the contributions) to the transcribed records. It allows the development of the work of the actors on the ground, the mutual enrichment and the development of innovative actions within the same sector.

Pour learn more: methodological Guide for the creation of a thematic experience - sharing network how develop this type of networks, and collect, disseminate, and animate it (in French, Guide launched by the Foundation Les Amis de l'Atelier in partnership with the Institute du Bon Pasteur and the HMC League)

What was the 11 December 2012 conference day?

It was a day devoted to reflection on the sharing of experiences as a culture of recovery and innovati. stakeholders in the sector of health and the social and solidarity economy that have implemented networks of sharing of experiences were invited to talk about their progress and their questions.

See the detailed program: day of December 11, 2012

What does the Coredem?

Coredem, community of sites resources for democracy worldwide, is a collective initiative of resource sharing documentaries, videos, sounds for pooling our proposals and build solidarity and sustainable societies. (

The Handiplanet network is member of the Coredem.

See the video of the Coredem on the sharing of experiences (in French):

COMPETITION 2012 (closed September 20)

Thank you to all participants!

What was the competition in 2012?

The 2012 contest Handipartage ended on 20 September: thanks to all participants!

You can continue at any time to share your experiences and practices by clicking on the button "Share!".

Launched by the friends Foundation of the workshop in partnership with HMC League and the Institute of the good Shepherd with the support of the European Social Fund, contest Handipartage 2012, organized for professionals, caregivers, volunteers, families of the mental and psychological disability sector, wished to enhance experiences promoting the social inclusion of persons with a disability.

The Awards took place on December 11, 2012, during the day on the sharing of experience
organized by the foundation of the friends of the workshop in partnership with the URIOPSS and under the patronage of the Ministry of health and the Minister responsible for the social and solidarity economy.

Who are the winners of the 2012 contest?
  • Price n ° 1-a trip to Quebec for 2 persons (stay of 6 days and visit two centres for people with a mental or psychological disability) :

"Of the disability for the socio-professional recognition, Solid'Agri, France"

  • Prix n ° 2-a trip to Morocco for 2 persons(stay of 6 days and visit two centres for people with a mental or psychological disability):

"Editions brainstorming: structures of vocational training and skills and ESAT EA, Editions brainstorming, France"

  • Price n ° 3-1 iPad :

"The small white trucks ESAT racks, ADAPEI du Loiret (45), France"

  • Prix n ° 4-1 iPad :

"Theservice volunteers acting, hope 54, France"

  • Prix n ° 5-1 iPad :

"Individualized accompaniment of a person to the employment, ATP asbl, Luxembourg"

  • Price Special equal male-female-1 iPad :

"The active participation of self-advocates to make it accessible to the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, SISAHM, Belgium"

  • All participants receive a 4 G usb stick containing tools so that they can continue to share their experiences!
What were the criteria for selection of the best contributions to the 2012 contest?

The contributions were assessed using the following criteria:

  • Quality of the contribution: clarity of formulation, prioritization of ideas, relevance of the implementation methodology implemented during the experiment, overall readability.
  • Relevance of experience: knowledge of the context and response to a need that is found to be present in the environment of people with mental or psychological disabilities, involvement of different stakeholders and public or private partners;
  • Innovation: contribution that provides a significant advance in its field of action;
  • Good practice: implementation methods or means which allow to achieve the original objectives according to the situation on the ground.
  • Resources: capacity to mobilize resources to achieve objectives and ability to make optimal use of the resources available.
  • Sustainability: indicators of sustainable impact of the experience.

For projects related to gender equality, evaluation criteria are the following:

Involvement of men and women in the experiment: percentage of workers, equal pay, distribution of tasks and positions of responsibility, etc.
Social development and gender representation: awareness of inclusion and non-discrimination of gender, communication actions, management of parenting, etc.
Integrated approach: specific positive actions to the group who is injured (man or woman) to restore equality.

If you have other issues related to the 2012 contest, please refer to the regulations below (downloadable format, in French).

> > Contest rules

> > The 2012 contest, presentation

The 2012 contest and Handiplanet Europe Francophone project was funded with the support of the European Social Fund. This communication commits only its author and root is not responsible for the use which might be made of the information contained therein.