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Home Organisations "The sweetness of the Coteaux Mosans" ASBL

"The sweetness of the Coteaux Mosans" ASBL

  • Number of users: 6

  • Director's name: Marc ASSELBOURG
  • Year of creation: 1991
  • Address: Rue du Plateau , 18-20
    5100 NAMUR (Jambes)
    Belgium Europe
  • Phone number: 0032 81 30 80 70
  • Email:
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Two complementary services in consideration of the needs for multi-disabled adults. A service of day-care for 36 multi-disabled adults (S.A.J.A.) "La Mosane Douceur" A residential Service for 30 multi-disabled adults (R.S.A.) "Les Coteaux Mosans"

Organisation Project:

«The sweetness of the Coteaux Mosans» A.S.B.L.

A constant research of quality of life for adults with multiple disabilities (very high dependency).

ASBL 'The sweetness of the Coteaux Mosans' purpose is to social management of 2 additional services for adults with a deep polyhandicapped i.e. a total dependency - intellectual, motor, sensory, and epilepsy - in all moments and everyday activities, from sunrise to sunset.

  • Day-care service "The sweetness Mosane" mission is to support day of 36 beneficiaries with for objective the maintenance of motor learning, social integration, the development of autonomy and self-esteem.

In the residential "Les Coteaux Mosans' service, 30 people live in a climate of serenity and response to multiple and individual needs through activities and adapted and integrated into the daily care.

The values in these two services essentially the quality of life and respect for each beneficiary.

It remains for future developments to wear!
The most important is to respond to the difficulties faced by more and more frequent and numerous medical aspects through the creation of a wing for a sharp and constant medical assistance.