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The Capriola

  • Nombre d'utilisateurs : 1

  • Nom du responsable : Raphael Arnold
  • Date de création : 2001
  • Adresse : Engadinstrasse 2
    7000 CHUR
    Switzerland Europe
  • Téléphone : +41 (0)81 530 01 63
  • Email :
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Integrative vocational training in hospitality,   Gastronomy and catering

Projet de l'organisation

"Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come".

The quote from Victor Hugo inspired us in 2001 the creation of a working group to promote the professional integration of people needing support in hospitality and catering. The creation of the Foundation La Capriola on January 27, 2003 allowed us to present our unique concept for the training centre La Capriola to the federal Office of social insurance of Berne.

According to this motto, in our training centers, with companies selected in Davos and Lucerne, we train young people who need support to become qualified in the areas of hospitality, professionals of the restoration and home care. The name La Capriola 'the banging' comes our values and our guiding principles: joy and lightness, we want to promote the strengths and capacities of young people to successfully develop their skills through training.

Close the workplace support, accompaniment to life and integration into the reality of the work make this La Capriola training concept a unique concept.

Fiches d'expérience

Un programme de formation haut de gamme pour des prestations en hôtellerie haut de gamme, Davos, Luzern Suisse
La Capriola a développé ce programme de formation dans un esprit inclusif, prenant les mêmes règles que les formation ordinaires et conduisant à des emplois qualifiés dans le monde de l'hôtellerie et de la restauration.