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Special Education and rehabilitation, CESREF Center

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  • Director's name: Mme Flora Djebret épouse Tapé
  • Year of creation: 2009
  • Address: Riviera 3 quartier les Oscars2
    ----- Abidjan
    Côte d'Ivoire Africa
  • Phone number: +225 40 00 84 88/08 93 33 84
  • Email:
This centre was established by the NGO new momentum. Its main objective is the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, children and adolescents.

Organisation Project:

The Centre operates in several areas: special education for children with mental retardation, psychomotor instability, disability motor cerebral, a trisomy 21, autistic disorders, language, behavior, psychological problems,.... He works in the field of functional rehabilitation for those who have a physical or sensory disability. The centre also provides other benefits such as the school for parents, vocational training, literacy, recycling and training of educators (courses and seminars) and training in home economics, as well as extra curricular activities.

Experience Index Cards

A very individualized service 'à la carte' , a way to the inclusive school for CESREF, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
It is somewhat an inclusive school. We have developed this component to meet the needs of children having difficulties in schools of the place. They can thus receive the support they need in the specialized school Wednesday or Saturday to attend regular school.