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Spa Association of prevention, care and integration

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  • Director's name: M. Morel Lefebvre
  • Year of creation: 1967
  • Address: 1, rue de l'Yser
    94470 Sucy en BRie
    France Europe
  • Phone number: 0156742100
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The QALY is a not-for-profit association supported by public funds. It was founded in 1967 to promote health and socialization in the Val de Marne

Organisation Project:

The QALY has its seat in the city of Los Angeles. Its activities are grounded on the Valley of the Marne and the Seine St Denis

Founded in 1967, its purpose is to promote health and the socialization of individuals. She leads this territorialized for prevention, care and integration and solidarity action. It manages 30 institutions, and with its 400 employees and volunteers, accompanied by nearly 4,000 children and 700 adults in psychic and social difficulty.

Experience Index Cards

A roof, a home first, the credo of APSI Association for people vulnerable, marginalized or excluded by mental health problems, Val de Marne, France
The basic premise, it's a 'rethought roof'. Priority is given first in the basic elements of life for a person; having a roof, a home. Then we see for relationship problems, health, but first give them a home.