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Home Organisations SESSAD OF VENDÔME


  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: Pierre Fauvinet
  • Year of creation: -----
  • Address: 3,4 mail Leclerc
    41100 Vendôme
    France Europe
  • Phone number: 02 54 73 12 58
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SESSAD - special education and home - Vendôme care Service is a managed service by l'Association trisomy 21 du Loir and Cher...

Organisation Project:

The project of l'Association ets to defend the interests of people with Down syndrome or people with other disabilities and ensure their social inclusion.

The associative project is carried by strong values:

A fundamental value:

-Confidence in the person with trisomy 21 justifies a demanding project.


-A better quality of life,
-The autonomy of the person,
-Social inclusion, citizenship.

A way:

-The development of skills through coaching individual in respect of the person.

Basic support:

-Innovative education and medical and social advances.

A State of mind:

-The commitment of parents and professionals.

Experience Index Cards

Multidisciplinarity in care service for children, an asset when it is not the simple addition of specific skills, Vendome, France
The multidisciplinary approach to the SESSAD - Care Service for children-aims to achieve a collective ability to think creative, never plated, prefabricated, but always original,