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Pupils of Public Education

  • Number of users: 2

  • Director's name: Florence Cornu
  • Year of creation: 1914
  • Address: 149 rue de Vaugirard
    75015 Paris
    France Europe
  • Phone number: 01 47 37 00 10
  • Email:

Organisation Project:

State-approved, the "Wards of Public Education" is an association law 1901, additional public school. She is affiliated with the General Federation of PEP. Driven by the values ??of secularism and solidarity projects and structures created by the PEP promote access to education, culture and recreation regardless of age, family status or disability. Our objectives are based on strong values ??and are also looking to meet new needs: tackle inequalities, build relationships between citizens of all ages, meeting the educational needs of children in need, respond to constantly changing demands, propose innovative projects.

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Experience Index Cards

Independently visited a cultural venue with family or friends through courses adapted, Paris, France
MUSEUMS in freedom: Adapted course of cultural tours, France
The PEP75 are related to several cultural sites of île de France to create visits courses adapted and free.