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  • Nombre d'utilisateurs : 1

  • Nom du responsable : Président : M. Georges Bullion
  • Date de création : 1975
  • Adresse : 163 Boulevard des États-Unis
    69008 Lyon
    France Europe
  • Téléphone : +33 (0)478780078
  • Email :
  • Visitez son site internet
Messidor inserts in job 40 years to people suffering from mental disorders by providing a path of transition with real paid work. The people choose in contact with customer service activities in institutions of transition (ESAT or EA) or directly in company with the job coaching (accompanied by employment).

Projet de l'organisation

Messidor is an association law 1901, created in 1975, which is headquartered in Lyon


The 5 fundamental principles from the inception of the association are:
• Give a status of worker to people, piad for their job
• Choose service activities
• Networking
• Focus on participatory management
• Expand the concept in the national territory

Messidor has two main objectives:

A social objective: offer a job and support adapted so that these people are a real place in society.
An economic goal: satisfy our customers by quality services.
The balance between the social and the economic is at the heart of any business with any organization. Messidor, economics is at the service of the social. Management of the economic support to social results that the association is given for mission to accomplish.

Fiches d'expérience

Le job coaching ou emploi accompagné : une voie vers l’insertion en milieu ordinaire de travail de personnes ayant un handicap psychique, Messidor, France
Le Job Coaching est dédié aux personnes souffrants de troubles psychiques. Leur fragilité ne leur permet pas d’être au fait des démarches à accomplir pour accéder à l’emploi ou de conserver leur emploi. Le Job Coaching est un accompagnement renforcé vers l’emploi durable.