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  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: Xaverine Mukamanana
  • Year of creation: 2002
  • Address: district Gasabo
    ----- Kigali
    Rwanda Africa
  • Phone number: 788842842
  • Email:
Non-profit, without political or religious affiliation, creates in 2002, in order to supervise and to improve socio-economic of persons with disabilities.

Organisation Project:

The association has set up a reception centre in Gasabo district, Kigali. It houses 70 children with an intellectual disability in residential units in three groups of schooling. Maniacs carried out activities of school acquisition but also learning and rehabilitation. A joinery offers jobs to those who are adults.The association, which currently leases its premises has a project to build its Center on land it owns. It is part of the Tubakunde collective, which brings together many associations elevator or supporting families and their children with a mental handicap.


Testimony of the head of the shoe at the Jyamubandi centre workshop me wana, Kigali, Rwanda
The practice of shoemaking facilitates the coordination of the movements, but the most important is to find the confidence in them and that they can work despite their disability.
A world for all children
Testimony of Francine Mukahigiro, responsible of inclusive education
Inclusive education becomes a reality in several districts of Kigali. Authorities, the entourage, the teachers and persons with disabilities contribute to this common objective.
Visit of the Coordinator of the Association JYAMUBANDIMWANA in the Foundation of friends of the workshop in France. (From May 18 to June 05, 2014
Madam Xaverine MUKAMUNANA, Coordinator of the Jyamubandimwana Association, to make a working visit to France at the Foundation of the friends of the workshop. The mission of travel is to share the experiences with the Foundation of friends to see the practice of integration of persons with disabilities in the community, following a previous visit of two members