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Juana Leclerc Institute

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  • Year of creation: 1973
  • Address: Colonia Residencial Los Robles
    FM1100 Tegucigalpa
    Honduras South America
  • Phone number: +504 2233-3120
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Juana Leclerc Institute is a non-profit institution, generating equal opportunities for the social, educational and occupational integration of persons with disabilities.

Organisation Project:


Juana Leclerc psycho-pedagogical Institute, is a private non-profit institution founded in 1973, rectorada by an Association of parents and staff whose Assembly is represented by a Board of Directors.


El Instituto Juana Leclerc is a non-profit institution, dedicated to the education of persons with disabilities, promoting opportunities for inclusion in the framework of human rights.It was created with the purpose of providing educational services to children and youth in situation of disability in the field of mental retardation and learning disabilities.


The Institute J. Leclerc programs are divided into 3 parts:

-Face-to-face special education program, which work in the facilities of the Institute and are: kindergarten, high school, school, pre-vocational, training/production workshops
-Community programs: showing in 13 departments of the country, and direct work in 23 municipalities of the same programmes are: program of RBC "Rehabilitation based on the community" programme of training/training (diplomas, courses, seminars, internships, etc), vocational rehabilitation program "My school is the Community (vocational and professional integration)", "convivencia" educational integration programme
-Support services: multisensory, recreational and artistic language, therapy , support and psychotherapy, social support, support health (review medical, snack, first aid, etc), pedagogical support, school for parents and therapeutic groups
We have advanced in the conceptualization and approach of disability through new methodologies and care strategies, basing our approach on a framework of human rights, promoting the social participation of the community and its awareness and training to facilitate the processes in inclusion in all areas of community life.

2017 to be reference suitable for the management of knowledge, care, promotion and training in the field of disability, to promote the full inclusion of persons with disabilities.