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GEM of Baugé

  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: René Di Maio
  • Year of creation: ------
  • Address: ', rue Taillecourt
    49150 Baugé en Anjou
    France Europe
  • Phone number: 02 41 74 42 83 et 07 88 40 05 89
  • Email:
The GEM ' Mutual aid group - of Baugé is for adults having mental troubles and wishing to meet people, participate in activities, to invest in an association.

Organisation Project:

The GEM is above all a place independent from medical institutions. It is a place promoting talking and exchanging.

The GEM of Bauge in Anjou is managed by the association "la Maison de la Fraternité", founded by members for members, based on the free membership in its project.

Experience Index Cards

Members of a GEM - Mutual aid group - exercise international solidarity to Togo towards parcels of clothing collected in their area, Baugé in Anjou, France
We turned to an action of Solidarity International to also give back in return. Be in the exchange with the poorest brings to each.