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Friends of Germenoy

  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: Thierry Louzy
  • Year of creation: 1980
  • Address: Impasse Niepce BP 581 Zone industrielle de Vaux-le-Pénil
    77016 Melun
    France Europe
  • Phone number: 01 64 39 01 29
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The Association "The friends of Germenoy", declared on May 7, 1980 at the Prefecture of Seine-and-Marne, was created at the initiative of a group of friends, as a result of the finding of a lack of facilities that can accommodate people with disabilities on the melunaise region.

Organisation Project:

The Association's purpose is to promote the integration of people with disabilities:

  • Socio-economic integration with its protected work facilities
  • Social integration thanks to the: assistance service to social life, shelter, day care, foster home medicalized...

The values of the Association:

For the Association, each disabled person is unique. She is before all a subject with his history, his career and his environment.

Our association argues that a 'feature', what a difference, even if it is disabled, excludes never, by excess or default of the human community.

Experience Index Cards

Based on Jobcoaching, "IMO ESAT " focuses its project on insertion in an ordinary work environment , Melun, France
We noticed that the sheltered workshops, because of their structure and their operation, did not really integrate the disabled workers in the ordinary middle field. So we created this service, named IMO 'Inclusion in ordinary environment', with specific features for this purpose.