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FIT (Autism, Educational Therapy and Piano)

  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: Françoise Dorocq
  • Year of creation: 2005
  • Address: 2 rue Wilfrid Laurier
    75014 PARIS
    France Europe
  • Phone number: 01 56 08 02 32 ou 06 19 04 11 37
  • Email:

Organisation Project:

APTE Association (Autism, Educational Therapy and Piano) was founded to apply the "METHOD DOLCE ." This method makes possible the teaching of piano practice to all individuals with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD).
Learn to play the piano, is access to art and culture, without discrimination.

Music is a nonverbal communication. It allows sharing without the words! It promotes interaction. It is that happiness!

To promote this teaching we benefit from local specially dedicated to this use, easily accessible by all modes of transportation.

Translation Project

Experience Index Cards

The "Dolce" method: children with autistic disorders learning the piano gently, APTE Association, France
APTE Association aims to teach the piano for those who have autistic disorders, through a particular method: the DOLCE method.
Autismus, training trainers for teaching instrumental practices for people with autism
Training trainers to DOLCE method