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Fellow Builders Association

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Evenings, residential weekends, holidays where meet volunteers and people with mental disabilities. Program: corners of Wallonia and elsewhere to discover, walks in the fresh air, games, parties, of laughter and a lot of simplicity.

Projet de l'organisation


For all voluntary old 18 years old minimum and especially motivated to engage with people with disabilities.

For the people with mental disabilities, who want change of scenery, recreational and group life business.

On an activity, the group is composed of 15 to 25 people including 2/3 are with mental disabilities.

For what

For a good time between different people and make knowledge.

To provide concrete assistance to people who have less autonomy: make a sandwich, dressing, prepare her bag...

To help manage the group life: preparing meals, group visits, cleaning of the cottage...

To prepare and ensure the co-facilitation of a stay: organize a group game, prepare for a visit, a party...


No previous experience is required for volunteers. Training through peer; the most experienced framing newcomers.

Fiches d'expérience

Quand les loisirs deviennent source d'inclusion et d'utilité sociale, Marche en Famenne, Belgique
Des jeunes avec et sans handicap souhaitaient pouvoir sortir de leur cadre de vie quotidien, rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, vivre de nouvelles expériences collectives. Les compagnons bâtisseurs leurs offrent un cadre pour cela.