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Etablissement Public Health White House

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  • Director's name: Mme Nicole PRUNIAUX
  • Year of creation: 1901
  • Address: 6-10 rue Pierre Bayle
    75020 PARIS
    France Europe
  • Phone number: (+33) 1 55 25 35 50
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Organisation Project:

Hospital White House is a public health develops its activities in the northeast of central Paris, where social and health issues associated with the contemporary urban environment, occur acutely.


Soixante places - outpatient and inpatient - offer a follow-up care and mental health in a population of nearly 700,000 inhabitants, one third of the population of Paris.


Hospital White House has embarked on a major transformation which involves bring the device care population. And various operations were carried out:

- Units of hospitalization 19th arr. "White House - nineteenth Lasalle"

- Hospital Services 20th arr. "White House - Avron"

- Center for aftercare 20th arr. "La Metairie"

- Hospital Services ninth and 10th arr. "White House - Hauteville"

- Hospital Services 18th arr. "White House - XVIII."


In terms of hospitalization, the traditional psychiatric hospital, located in 15 km Paris is gradually transformed into a network of decentralized structures work in close proximity to the populations served.

Under current health of the organization of psychiatry, based on the principle of sectorizationThis network of care includes 10 sectors covering the general psychiatric ninth, tenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth arrondissements. Both inter-sector child and adolescent psychiatry cover ninth, tenth and nineteenth arrondissements. Together, they represent a population of 700,000 inhabitants particularly vulnerable to the phenomena generating mental or distress situations such as unemployment, exclusion, immigration and drug addiction.


The mission of the hospital White House can not be limited to health care. Research and dissemination of knowledge are integral to its development strategy. A training center specializing in the dissemination of professional practice, an institute of nursing education, a resource center and conference facilities and a research laboratory, are open to professionals and the general public.

Its policy of openness and partnership has fostered many cooperation projects of local and international research and health organization.


Translation Project

Experience Index Cards

EMILIA project: a European example of processes of social inclusion for people with a mental disorder, Maison Blanche Public Health Institution, Paris, France.
A participatory action research to analyze the effects of access to learning throughout life and access to employment in a population of people with mental disorders.