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  • Director's name: Christina Anglès d'Auriac
  • Year of creation: 2001
  • Address: вул. Іл. Свєнціцького, 17, м.Львів
    79011 УКРАЇНА
    Ukraine Europe
  • Phone number: (0322) 40-99-40
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The Emmaus centre was created with the aim of spiritual support to people in situation of disability, their families and all those who share their lives.

Organisation Project:

The "Emmaüs" Centre has a threefold mission:
• Draw the attention of the society to this special gift, on the beauty and the vocation of persons with a disability and testify of the dignity and worth of each person. As a result, "Emmaüs" organizes presentations and seminars in various institutions (universities, schools), parishes, seminars, youth groups, etc.  It deals with the publication of books and additional materials, organizes film screenings, organizes spiritual youth meetings, encourages seminarians and other students in pastoral practice, organises programmes for the integration of persons with disabilities in society (especially in the environment of UCU), supports integration theatre "laughter and tears", establishes contacts with social organizations and religious communities in the spirit of ecumenical dialogue.
• Supporting people with disabilities, their friends and relatives, as well as those who care for persons with disabilities. It is done by the Organization of sharing groups, individual support, trainings, retreats and common prayers.
• To foster the creation and growth of the communities. The "Emmaus" Centre encourages people to create communities that would satisfy the practical and spiritual needs of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families; supports already existing communities, particularly "The Ark - Kovcheh" and "faith and light"; preparing young people for volunteering and friendship with mentally handicapped.

Experience Index Cards

Change of look, necessity for Ukrainian society and a daily challenge for the association Emmaus, Lviv, Ukraine
The integration of disabled people in Ukraine would not be possible without a change of look from society. The presence in a family of a disabled person is still too often lived in guilt. It must be said that during the Soviet era, people with disabilities were on the margins of society, conducted to psychiatric hospitals or orphanages.


The current situation of persons with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders or mental health problems in Ukraine
Comments from an interview with Christina Angles d'Auriac, Director of the centre ЕМАУС, Lviv, Ukraine - November 2015