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Home Organisations ATUA, Association Tujenge Umoja Afrika

ATUA, Association Tujenge Umoja Afrika

  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: Fanny Kahambwe
  • Year of creation: 2016
  • Address: Commune MUKAZA, Zone ROHERO 1
    ------ Bujumbura
    Burundi Africa
  • Phone number: (+257) 75 37 10 65 (+257) 75 34 51 98
  • Email:
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Our goal is to bring together all women and girls to contribute to the construction of our country by promoting the skills and social projects in order to put an end to poverty among women and girls. Also to get the population through its actions and efforts to improve the conditions of socio-economic and cultural life.

Organisation Project:

The association operates in Burundi and Dr Congo.

(A) promote a participatory and integrated approach to the protection of the environment by creating a mentality of culture and protection of the environment in local communities;

(B) involve and empower households (in particular associations of stakeholders in the collection) and the transport of waste to disposal sites available on the quantity and quality of waste sorting to facilitate the recovery of the biogazes and the recovery of energy in the medium and long term;

(C) contribute to the fight against unemployment and underemployment by creating and / or promotion of green jobs;

(D) awareness sessions, institutions become more involved in the protection and promotion of the protection of the environment and the fight against unemployment and underemployment.

(E) Inclusion of the most vulnerable people (people with disabilities) in the development of society.


Testimony of Ms. Priscilla Moke Matisho on psychic suffering of women in RD COngo
We want to raise awareness and contribute to the reduction of this psychic suffering and above all to avoid the disease whenever possible.