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Home Organisations Association for mental health (SMAO) West Africa

Association for mental health (SMAO) West Africa

  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: Dr William Alarcon
  • Year of creation: 2012
  • Address: C.H Le Mas Careiron - Chemin du Paradis
    30700 Uzès
    France Europe
  • Phone number: +33 (0) 4 66 74 70 20
  • Email:
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Organisation Project:

The association mental health in West Africa is designed to collaborate with African health care teams.

She was born of the encounter with a man: Grégoire founder Ahongbonon centres Saint-Camille in Côte d'Ivoire and Benin (click on this link to view their specifications on Handiplanet).

Our association aims to support existing projects, from African players in mental health. We help our partners in the areas of:

-Support for training in mental health.

-Sending of volunteers in mission.

-Sponsorship of treating psychiatric patients.

Experience Index Cards

An association to support mental health in West Africa projects
The key to solidarity projects and mental health support: reliable local contact bearer of the project; and energy and daring for a favourable reception and listening quality.