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Association for Innovation in remedial

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  • Director's name: David Paolini
  • Year of creation: 2007
  • Address: Place du parc, 18
    7000 Mons
    Belgium Europe
  • Phone number: 065373177
  • Email:

Organisation Project:

The Association for Innovation in Orthopedagogy

Created in 1982, the Association for Innovation in Orthopedagogy main objective educational support persons with disabilities, to promote their personal development and their academic, professional and social.
To this end, the AIO works specifically to improve educational practices, both in the home than in school settings, occupational, residential and leisure.
It strives, through its activities involve three tasks:
-To provide services to the university community and families, people with disabilities, professionals and the general public, including the service of learning support (PAC).
Contact: nathalie.bechet @
-Promote the development of training activities focused on educational practices Monique Deprez Contact: email monique.deprez @
- Develop scientific knowledge in the field of intervention with persons with disabilities including through the Innovation Centre in Orthopedagogy (IOC). / ortho

To achieve this goal, the association may also assist through partnerships with other associations or organizations with similar goals.
The association is made by the Service Orthopedagogy Clinic of the University of Mons-Hainaut.

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