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Area of the Stierkopf

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The area of the Stierkopf is a business adapted, managed by Mr. François Grieshaber. In addition to the vine, the area also offers services of maintenance of gardens and green spaces.

Organisation Project:

The vineyards of the Stierkopf snaps between Molsheim and Mutzig on a steep slope facing South. At all times, this place was planted with vines.

But phylloxera, the successive wars and the rural exodus him reduced to 20 hectares in 1953!
Since then, winemakers enjoying the exceptional quality of this land began to renovate this vineyard planting grapes of high quality. It is as well as the side of the Stierkopf is uncouple and regained its former vocation: produce wines of very high quality.


Testimony of Mr. François Grieshaber
Mr. François Grieshaber is the manager of social compagny 'Domaine duStierkopf.' His testimony is that of a social entrepreneur who was able to combine the richness of a terroir to the richness of challenged men and women.