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  • Director's name: brahim rhozali
  • Year of creation: 2009
  • Address: 14. Rue Sidi Bel Abbas 1er étage N°3.
    60000 oujda
    Morocco Africa
  • Phone number: (+212)0672864362
  • Email:

Organisation Project:

The Rainbow Association, comprised of parents and people who become aware of the difficulties in adapting family, social, educational and employment faced by children disadvantaged by mental disabilities. Whereas these problems increase with the increase and evolution of society, members of the Association shall declare desiring to assist them by providing them service and that of their families all the means necessary for their mental development, physical, and emotional.


The association works for / by:

1-The integration of the gender approach as a planning tool to all policies designed and implemented by governments and social actors for the joint study of problems and appropriate education for the creation of a climate for the development of all.

2-Contribute through its work to the professional integration of persons with mental disabilities.

3-Specialized training for employability school and / or social.

the means

1-Create and manage early social medical centers.

2-Creation of sheltered workshops.

Integration of 3-suited intellectual disabilities throughout their lives, stimulates their abilities and promotes their long-term independence.

4-Developing sport and the arts in these children / adults.

5-Create and manage resorts and entertainment for these people.

6-Organization of cultural and sporting events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences
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