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  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: BAUMIÉ Eric
  • Address: 4 - 6 Avenue du Général Pierre Billotte CR ETEIL
    94000 CRETEIL
    France Europe
  • Phone number: 01 45 13 14 50
  • Email:
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The APAJH 94 brings together professionals of the educational, social and medico-social action and health, parents and families of persons with disabilities, the volunteers and users. It combines more than 200 members.

Organisation Project:

The APAJH 94 joined the Federation of the APAJH recognized of public utility.

With more than 500 professionals, the APAJH 94 runs in the Val-de-Marne's institutions and social and medico-social services welcoming and accompanying more than 700 adults and children.

It is present in representative bodies contributing to the public health and social policy, universal accessibility and disability compensation.

The APAJH 94 leads its action on the basis of principles and references set out in its draft. It has plans for development in response to new needs.