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Al Zawrak

  • Number of users: 1

  • Director's name: Mr.Roland Tamraz
  • Year of creation: 1985
  • Address: Fanar, Beirut, Lebanon
    ------- Beyrouth
    Lebanon Asia
  • Phone number: +9611328041
  • Email:
Al Zawrak, a Non-Governmental Organization was established in 1985 when it started its activities and was formally registered in 1992.

Organisation Project:

Mission of AL ZAWRAK:

Rehabilitation, Special Education, Social and Professional integration and inclusion of persons with different types of mental disabilities from various age groups including children, youth and adults.

Experience Index Cards

Syrian people from Homs welcomed in Bickfaya, by Al Zawrak, Lebanon
Because of the personal and special relationship which linked Jesuit Father Frans Vanderlugt (founder of AL Ard Center in Al Qusair area- Homs- Syria) with Mr. Roland Tamraz (the Director General of Al Zawrak Foundation-Lebanon), and because the outbreak the war in Syria and the closure of Al Ard Center after it exposed to many damages, Mr. Roland took upon himself to receive many disabled persons from- Al Ard Center and Homs city- who be directly affected by this war from psychological, physical ,medical and social aspects , to live in Foyer de Vie in Lebanon.