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Accueil Organisations Aid Association for the mentally handicapped of Ghardaia

Aid Association for the mentally handicapped of Ghardaia

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Along his activity (1993), Association of help to the mentally disabled in Ghardaia takes care of the vulnerable people of 06 years to 47 years in specialized institutions and assistance to their families.

Projet de l'organisation


Association of help to the mentally disabled of Ghardaïa (AAHMG) social was founded in 1993 by a group of benefactors and parents and approved in 1994 by the willaya of Ghardaia.
The AAHMG is part of the FNPEI (National Federation of Parents of child misfits) she wears help and assistance to the mentally disabled in the region.

Missions of the institution:
-Ensure the mentally handicapped care specialized through appropriate programmes.
-Provide psychological rehabilitation.
-Encourage the development and autonomy of people with disabilities.
-To prepare persons with disabilities to social and professional integration.
-Parental Guidance.

The objectives are:
-assist the fragile population of the mentally disabled by care in specialized institutions.
-Guidance of the families concerned.
-With the help of specialists, to seek the causes of disability and public awareness.
-The expected purpose is to happen with the concerned to more possible autonomy and integration.

-1994: start of support of 07 children supervised by 02 educators in a refurbished apartment. psychoeducational good of the association - built in partnership with the Embassy of Canada in Algeria -.
-February 2004: laying the foundation stone for an integrated (for all ages and levels) Center built with the help of the Embassy of the USA in Algeria.
-24 October 2007: Inauguration of this centre with capacity of 100 teaching places, working with 05 units (Children - Adolescents - professional training - center of life and help center by labour).
-School year 2009/2010 has seen the integration activity of support for people with disabilities in the city of blunt as annex to the association.
-Session 2011/2012 the capacity of the integrated centre (100 places), these 100 students are supervised by 16 (ERS) educators and trainers (leaders) with a staff of support 10.

-The support is done in specialised centres in half board with meals and transportation insurance.
-The method used is the PIP (program individual teaching) for each student or trainee.
-Progression in the integrated Center is through the passage of one teaching unit to another according to age, mental level and acquisitions.
-The integration of physical education as a subject in the curricula for all levels gave excellent results.
-The development of the professional training unit is done through a partnership with the formal sector of vocational training.
-The (very successful) experience of aid by (WCB) becomes the main objective of all the support and the door opening to the professional and social integration.
-The formalization of the sports club of the association enabled the emergence of large capacity and an opening to the world.

The Outlook:
Through the use of its capabilities, the association aims:
(1) the largest number of applications continued satisfaction and progress towards self-reliance and integration as possible.
(2) the gradual adaptation of methods supported by the training and re-training of personnel.
3) continue with the help of experts in the sector to raise public awareness in the sense of prevention.
(4) develop continuously (in and outside the sector) networking at all levels.
(5) confirm the growing place of the association as a partner in the social field in general.

Public targeted by the institution:
No bedridden mentally disabled
-Support plan: half board.
-Capacity: 150.
-Actual supported: 99 (including 18 at the level of the annex).

-All modest achievements realized by the association are made possible through the help and contribution of all partners at all levels.
-The continuity of our work could be done by the same way.
Our adage is "help - us so we can help".