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Accueil Organisations AEFAC Association for Education, training, and support advice

AEFAC Association for Education, training, and support advice

  • Nombre d'utilisateurs : 1

  • Nom du responsable : Céline Sawadogo
  • Date de création : 2005
  • Adresse : Secteur N°1
    01 BP: 360 Ouahigouya
    Burkina Faso Africa
  • Téléphone : Tel : (00226)40 55 42 10 / 40 55 28 64 Cel : 76 63 72 23 / 78 99 12 13
  • Email :
The AEFAC Association for Education, training and support-advice is an associative structure established in 2005 to work for the improvement of the living conditions of people with intellectual disabilities in Ouahigouya.

Projet de l'organisation

Convinced that the situation of people with intellectual disabilities can change, the AEFAC intends to develop resources and strategies in order to achieve its main objective of promoting the social awakening of the mentally deficient children and underprivileged children.

For this, she has small scale the following objectives:
-Promote access to enlightenment, entertainment and education to youth with disabilities;
-Promote the social awakening of people with mental disabilities;
-To promote inclusive education;
-Contribute to the fight against poverty through the promotion of education, training and literacy;
-Provide specific training of officials and members of the community structures;
-Fight against STIs and HIV/AIDS;
-Allow children with disabilities to have a place of sociability;
-Promote knowledge and integration between the disabled and children not disabled.
To achieve the mission that it is assigned to and objectives what s is fixed l AEFAC has identified six (6) areas of interventions.

Areas of intervention:
• Support to management of people with mental disabilities and the disadvantaged.
• Support to children with disabilities mental health and poor
• Social and professional integration of the mentally deficient person
• Promotion of inclusive education
• Schooling of children with mental disabilities and children destitute
• Fight against HIV/AIDS through sensitization.

For the efficient results, the participatory approach remains the central axis in the intervention strategy of the association.


Un mariage accompagné par l'AEFAC
L'association AEFAC, dans le cadre des soutiens qu'elle assure auprès des enfants et adultes d'Ouahigouya, a eu l'occasion d'accompagner une démarche de mariage d'une personne ayant une déficience intellectuelle. Céline Sawadogo nous livre son témoignage.