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Visitors’ Book

They show their support to Handiplanet...

      « Very noteworthy project » Axel Van Weynendaele, Director of general coordination, AWIPH (Walloon agency for the integration of people with disabilities)

     « I realize the value of such a site and its importance in setting bond disability around the world. I am very impressed by this work. » Mrs Hessa Al-Thani, UN Special Representative for disability from 2003 to 2009

     « This idea of a contest is interesting because it enables us to present our projects, as humble as they are, and to show what we do every day with people with disabilities.  » Jean-Pascal Foucron, ADAPEI 49 (Association of parents and friends of children with disabilities)

     « Your approach is particularly interesting and pioneering in the world of social work. Thinking globally and acting locally allows people to gather different ideas and propose them to the WWW so each and every one can feed on it and adapt some ideas to his specific work environment. » Lionel Frayssinet, educator-manager, CESAHM

     « I am a director of a Special Education and Home Care Service for children and young adults with intellectual disabilities, I love Handiplanet’s work! » Michèle Bordas, SESSAD Geist Vendôme - Trisomie 21 Loir et Cher