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Scouts for the handicapped, Poland

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From figiela the Aug 06, 2010

Experience Scouting in Poland
"Nieprzearty Szlak" means "a path not traced." Is the name that refers to the groups of scouts in Poland for the disabled.

This movement was created in 1958 to provide training for teachers educators working in different institutions. It was organized by the instructors and monitors scouts. The founder of the movement was Lyczko Maria (1923-2004).
The emblem of this movement is "sunrise."

It was Gorce (a Polish village in the mountains), the winter has snow-covered mountains. In this nice cool day with the snow storm, the participants marched to gain the summit. The tour was painful and hard because of the snowy trails just released. They had many difficulties to reach their shelter. But the support of everyone allowed to finish the trip awaiting them when Maria Lyczko.

For this experiment, the team was more cohesive. When they returned, they noticed that their lives with people with disabilities had many similarities with their excursion. They noticed that their work could be compared to "the snowy trails." With the disabled person, the educator often experiences difficulties, failures in its support, the individual project.

The group of Scouts began in 2001 WTZ when creating the facility. During several years of activity of this particular group meetings, where Scouts learned different things .... A group of scouts took part in various events (transfer) with the scout group for disabled people in Poland, song festivals, in Scout camps, competitions, weekends. Etc..

During all these activities "our" scouts were able to show what they had learned before, showing their independence "acquired" through Scouting. All these meetings have always held - and ordinary disabled scouts. This dimension of these encounters had a role in calming such anxiety, fears, pain and psychological stress related to their handicap. These meetings have enabled our group to therapy. We must not forget that friendships were forged between the various Scout groups and it continues to grow.

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