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Home My trip to Madrid with the residents of the accompanying Servive in the social life of Clamart, France

My trip to Madrid with the residents of the accompanying Servive in the social life of Clamart, France

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From Handiplanet the Sep 17, 2018

As part of an exchange between services, residents of this service of the Foundation of the friends of the workshop made visit to the residents of a service of a similar nature in Madrid, Spain. The trip took place between 13 and 18 May.

I was motivated for this trip in the first place, it is to know the problems faced by those who have a mental illness, abroad. This is to be compared, to see how to live with the disease. Disease, we're forced to accept to be in community with people, discuss, have one regular, social life like others.

There was the tourist side also. There was the feast of St. Isidro, where people dance in Madrid and eat sweets, a specialty from there down.

The project is prepared in two years. They met with educators to talk about. I wasn't sure to leave because of an anxiety attack. But in the end I left. We were thirteen or fifteen, I don't know, with 3 educators. Each paid a participation of €160.

Rodolphe knew the SPAC who received us in Spain. Maria Angel, Spanish translator came to visit us and we exchanged during a meal. We did so not in the adventure. We rented a cottage on site that could accommodate us all. He had to take the bus or the subway to go to the SPAC. They had a room in the city center and a home we visited on the outskirts of the city.

We did the kitchen we same. Each got his hands dirty. We eat Spanish food, chorizo etc. We went twice to the restaurant.

I got acquainted with Raoul I had seen on Skype when we communicate before you meet them. We spoke very little, because of the language. Rudolph has translated a few words. I bought him a coffee and we spent some time together. It's someone of very lonely who has learned to live with others. What is my case too. It was a beautiful moment of Exchange.

We have listened to testimony at two meetings, on 16 and 17 May. It was translated. It was touching their history. We also told them that we were living in France.

I don't know if it's the curiosity or empathy, but I had admiration for their personal lives. They came to have a balanced life. They were proud to tell their stories, and they were into what they were saying. Not too we saw the suffering that they have not spoken.

We made a deal in Madrid. We visited an art gallery. We went to the Retiro Park, the largest park in Madrid. Some visits and lunch at the restaurant were made with them.

This trip brought me a pue of light. We're not alone in suffering. We take care not of the suffering of the other. We think that we live in our heads.  We identify one bit to the other to say that we are not alone in the disease.

To travel with other people has allowed me to be less afraid to have the company. We found each other new things between us. Time speaks for me. Longer I live the more I learn to be serene. Tame the death, which is a real anguish for me, is not easy. With time and thanks to trips like the one here I feel better.

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