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Home The reception house specializing Mosaic To a very high environmental quality to meet the requirement of well-being cérébrolésées, France
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The reception house specializing Mosaic
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  • The Hospitality House specializes Mosaic (Establishment)

To a very high environmental quality to meet the requirement of well-being cérébrolésées, France

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From favret the Aug 05, 2010

Foundation Arc-en ciel, located in the Franche Comte, state-approved, manages facilities and services in the medical office, medical education and health.

The origin of the MAS Mosaic

Foundation Arc-en ciel, located in the Franche Comte, state-approved, manages facilities and services in the medical office, medical education and health. It has 7 main institutions: nursing homes, EMI, rehabilitation center, cardiac rehabilitation center, .... And MAS.

It is the functional rehabilitation center Bretegnier Héricourt who was behind the project of our MAS. The center had an activity of waking out of coma patients. He had to find a solution to free up space used by people unable to consider the prospect of returning home.

Soon, the idea of ??creating a place of accommodation was born. Face of rapid authorizations, we rented premises in a polyclinic in Montbeliard due to specific material needs. MAS. Opened July 29, 2002. (The photo of the presentation record vientde inauguration)

The structure could then accommodate 11 residents. The Mosaic remained 6 years in Montbéliard, a year before re-Hericourt move to Lure in the northern region of Franche County. This facility on the site of Lure occurred July 6, 2009

The mission is to provide a living for people with severe disabilities cérébrolésées and requiring ongoing care.

Residents present:

- Severe sequelae of head injury

- Of keeping a high tetraplegia respiratory autonomy

- Brain damage post-anoxic

- Locked in Syndrome of

- Innate deficits

We have 42 spaces including 2 for the temporary reception.
The average age is 43 years, two thirds of men for a third of women are present.

                              The purposes of the creation of the new DSS

The Gallery is located on the 1st floor of a polyclinic, it was difficult for residents to get out easily on the outside, the property is located in the city and surrounded by parking lots. More bedridden people only saw the 4 walls of their room and their TV.

During the project preparation work of the new MAS, the first will was the establishment of access to the outside.

Other problems encountered were double rooms, lack of space for wheelchairs, lack of storage space in the rooms, small rooms, lack of common parts ...
Finally there was a willingness on the part of professionals to "ask" and feel at home, and a real need to leave space for medical find the idea of ??a nursing home.

                                               Implementation Project

The town of Lure was available to us without charge, a golf 1.5 ha. Situated in a swampy place, this land has caused problems of water infiltration and this has resulted in the postponement of work in April 2008 instead of November 2007. A From there, the work lasted about 18 months.

You can count five years between the draft and the final creation. To find an architect, a tender was launched by the Directorate General of the foundation. The architect Pascale RICHTER was chosen partly because she had read the book "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and it was evident in his architecture project for people living with locked-in syndrome. The architectural firm of Richter is located in Strasbourg.

Before starting the project, we have all visited many schools in trying to identify the positives, the main points and what we did not want. It should be noted that there is little establishment as medicalized than we needed.
We also worked with staff to gather their expectations. A specification has been established. Then the architect presented his plans. We have reworked it with the team and made some adjustments.  The project was actually the result of a collaboration. We did not encounter any real problems during construction.


It was necessary to work with an architect's office, and the sensitivity of the architect had an important role. Financially, the total cost was € 7,600,000.
The only constraint imposed on the architect's office regarding the selection of teams for the shipyard, was to recruit businesses. We wanted to use the economy of our region.

                                                                     Balance Sheet

On the first day residents showed their appreciation. Having a single room, to be home, can customize their space and easy access to the outside, were the most important points for them. We received a statement from the Citizens' first prize in a competition for architects in September 2009. (See attachment)

"The proposed MAS Mosaic is a major architectural challenge, design a building that has, beyond its function, a spatial richness and diversity of atmosphere to make it the exciting project of life of residents.

More than a place of accommodation for care, the MAS is a home or a small village with its square, restaurants, hairdresser's, his place of worship, gardens and rooms within each drawing and the outside the volume of a house.

Front of the building, we find the court entrance designed as a place open to all village, surrounded with trees, it can linger.

In the animation of all the services we take the measure of the building, we understand and we will mark easily around a central courtyard.

- Right: administration, pharmacy, general services,

- Before: the areas of animation and large garden

- Left: care, dining rooms and bedrooms.

The central circulation is conceived as the backbone of the project, the village's main street, you walk, you encounter them: residents, staff, visitors. It is full of events from the lobby to the house staff.

Each of the transparencies on the landscape (sometimes directly, or through a room, terrace), is a landmark for orientation in space and in the cycle of seasons. This street distributes all communal areas and care, and administration. It extends naturally in the technical area.

It passes through the wings of rooms to withdraw gradually in privacy.
The ceilings have a key role in defining the space by a set of original height and cutting highlighted, they offer an extra dimension to the eye.

The dining rooms and entertainment are long in the gardens with terraces shaded. Between the wings of the building there are gardens, all very different, living with therapeutic virtues.

Outside the design of facades, volume, plants, trees, the color of the outer covering, we can recognize and identify each room. All are facing east or west.
Inside, above all, the room must be experienced as a small house. It allows the creation of a private world, different for each resident: various light sources, crannies, shelves, ceiling height variable, a magnetic wall can be landscaped to suit the resident.

The low windows allow a view from the bed to the garden. A small terrace protected favors external moments alone or with his neighbor.

Materials facade and interior are chosen according to their durability, natural origin, and ease of maintenance.

A vegetated roof deck, senior days floors refreshers help regulate building temperature. For the sake of environmental protection, materials such as wood have been privileged, lino and paint are mineral .... solar panels complete the package.



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