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Accueil ALGEEI , Association Laïque de Gestion d’Etablissements d’Education et d’Insertion DUODAY, an awareness campain towards companies to the employment of people with disabilities, Lot et Garonne, France
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ALGEEI , Association Laïque de Gestion d’Etablissements d’Education et d’Insertion
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  • Stephane Cornuault

DUODAY, an awareness campain towards companies to the employment of people with disabilities, Lot et Garonne, France

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Par Stephane Cornuault le 29/01/2018

The concept: partner companies open their doors to people with disabilities, one day fix in the year. During this internship, a duet is being created between him and a voluntary employee of the company.

The context


The ESAT AGNELIS is a sheltered workshop, part of the "ALGEEI Association"

Our association, chaired by Ms. Danièle BONADONA, is aimed to promote and provide education, social and professional integration for children and adults with disabilities or difficulties in family, school, social or medical.

The ALGEEI now manages 25 schools and employs more than 750 employees in Lot et Garonne, south of France.

The ESAT AGNELIwelcomes 150 people with mental or psychological disabilities and develop various activities such as laundry, the collective kitchen, printing and shaping of paper, industrial subcontracting, green spaces, the vehicle washing and external delivery services... from 4 different production sites around AGEN.


  1. The purpose of the experience


In 2013, during discussions on professional integration project , it appeared essential :

  • to open up our workshop on businesses and local communities
  • to educate employees on disability and on the skills of people working in the Agnelis ESAT

Having heard about the operation DUODAY in Ireland and Belgium, we have responded to a call for applications in 2015 to implement this program in the Lot-et-Garonne.


The concept is simple: partner companies open their doors, fix a day, this year on April 26, 2018, to welcome a person with disabilities. During this internship, a Duet is created between him and a voluntary employee of the company.

The challenges are multiple and cross-cutting:

  • Allow a person with disabilities to discover a business, to clarify his professional project and why not begin a course of insertion.
  • Allow companies to discover, without another commitment than a simple day of internship, the skills of these workers with disabilities. But also, to open up to diversity, modernize its management, communicate its social values.
  • Allow the ESAT Agnelis to better understand expectations, hesitations,... of companies, to let know its delivery service .


This day is highly expected by people who want to share and publicize their skills to employees who form the duo.



  1. Implementation, how it works


The 1st edition was held in March 2016. This year, the 3rd edition will be held April 26, 2018, date established in consultation with 7 other European countries who realize this operation.

In practice, the preparation starts between September and November by the development of the communication strategy and the modalities of cooperation with our colleagues from other ESAT of the region (7 institutions to cover the territory).

Then undertakes an inquiry of companies through the tools created previously dynamic. All companies or communities can participate, regardless of their size, their sector of activity or the proposed workstation. For example, in 2017, there was a journalist, a Hairdresser, a logistician and a production line operator... At the same time, without knowing what is proposed by the companies, we ask our workers if they are interested, and if so, on which workplace.

In March and April, we settle the duets and proceed to a preliminary meeting and the signing of the agreement.

The D day , the ESAT team mobilizes to bring, if necessary, people to their internship place . Although many duos want to continue this experiment, we maintain every year this format which is least binding on the company. In following, everyone is free to organize a longer internship if necessary.

In may, we make an assessment and organize an evening of restitution with the duos and those responsible for economic partners in order to close this operation on a moment of conviviality.


  1. The mains needed?


This operation, financed by the ARS news Aquitaine requires a budget of 30 K€ approximately.

A team of 3 people is dedicated to the Organization of the DUODAY. About €20K are needed to establish communication media: website, Newsletter, posters A3, A5 flyers, film and evening of restitution. We have produced a Guide to allow other institutions to take ownership of this process.


  1. What assessment?


The balance sheet of the 2nde edition is:

  • 179 duos trained with 93 economic partners
  • More than 95% of employees or people with disabilities found that experience positive
  • 1/3 of the people with disabilities never had work experience
  • 50% of employees changed their look on the employment of people with disabilities
  • business owners interested in hosting an internship or provision.

So, after 2 editions, 29 internships of about 3 weeks, 7 hiring were carried out. 10 ESAT workers have sought and found alone their  internship place.

Interview of Mr. Stéphane Cornouault, Director of the ESAT AGNELIS

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