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Accueil Ecole HIBISCUS Testimony of parents of autistic children attending the integrative school, Cotonou, Benin
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  • quartier JAK à Fifadji Houto à Akpakpa -------- Cotonou Bénin
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  • Rosine Ahonlonsou

Testimony of parents of autistic children attending the integrative school, Cotonou, Benin

  • Inclusion : Accessibility
  • Africa : Benin
  • Témoignage

Par Rosine Ahonlonsou le 05/07/2017

On a special day dedicated to them, parents were invited to talk of their difficulties, but also their hope to see their child's progress through its school inclusion.

On Friday, April 7, 2017 in Cotonou we organized a day of awareness on autism. The NGO the La Colombe-Hibiscus, which supports the inclusive school in partnership with Handicap International  and AFD (French Development Agency) has invited parents, authorities, ministries, NGOs of the place, teachers, and doctors and specialists around a panel whose theme was: the family life, the praticians at school above the child with autism experience. This disability is not well known in Africa and often associated with evil demonstrations, it was very important to free the heart and the tongues to allow parents and teachers have a better support of disability.  Participation was very large and very strong interest. Parents and teachers have asked many questions and were happy to have answers every time. We want you to share here some testimonies of parents present:


«We have followed with great interest and emotion the communication developed by your school in collaboration with international disability during the day of autism... we understood that disability is not and should not be inevitable.» It must be that there is a lot of awareness to the people so that they could realise that the disabled child has the same rights as others. "Schools must therefore be inclusive and we parents we try to capture the world in which our children live to understand."

"Admit that our child is autistic is a very difficult thing." but when it comes to accept it, we start by finding solutions to the problem of the child ";

"Mothers are more guilty than fathers about their child's disability."

-"Social look at our children is a very hard thing to bear."

"Parents of children with disabilities must realize that they are not anymore alone to carry the weight of their child's disability and they have, to their side, the organizations that support ';

-'My child has some features of autism, but to this day, I do not admit that he is autistic and I especially do not accept the diagnosis of autism from a method unsuited to our sociocultural context';

-"Stand publicly as parent of autistic child loks like a self-flagellation as the disability of a child is an object of shame to his parents;

-"The diagnosis of deafness in some autistic persons is a mistake that can be associated with communication difficulties and the challenges of social interaction in autism spectrum disorders";

"We seek the cause of disability in our cultures. It is obvious that our grandparents had a therapeutic approach to disability;

"In our cultures, we have values in terms of understanding and support of disability that we can offer to the West;

"In our ancestral design, the disabled child born has a mission in his family or his community ';

"We must succeed to distinguish things between the sorcery and support of cultural origin in mental disability;

-"The child's name, his date of birth and his rank in the siblings can explain his behavior."

"We make very rewarding experiences that we do not write. Today, we have to get used to write. »


Conclusion of Mrs. Ahonlonsou, Director of the inclusive school:

"More we meet parents, more we measure the needs. We are convinced that alone we will achieve nothing, and that parents should be aware that they must do their part so that one day we can get something from our Government. »

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