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Accueil Mathëllef a.s.b.l. Mutferter Haff, a therapeutic place of social and professional rehabilitation, with a horse stable and a brewery, Moutfort, Luxembourg
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Mathëllef a.s.b.l.
  • 12, um Kinert L-5334 Moutfort Luxembourg
  •  +352 ) 27 69 27 - 1
  • Roland Kolber

Mutferter Haff, a therapeutic place of social and professional rehabilitation, with a horse stable and a brewery, Moutfort, Luxembourg

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Par Roland Kolber le 19/06/2017

Mathellef asbl has as main objective to operate open, modern psychiatry service, meeting the standards of a humanitarian Psychiatry, with emphasis on the person, not only on his illness.
1. the elements of the context
Where can we find Mutferter Haff and the beim Pier brewery? What facilities do you have?
Mutferter Haff is a therapeutic and sheltered workshop for people suffering from psychological illnesses, managed by Mathellef asbl, which the brewery 'Beim Pier' is an integral part. It is located in Moutfort, in the commune of Contern in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
(1) regarding to the 'Pension for horses', our Association has 30 boxes for rental for horses, an indoor merry-go-round, to an outdoor ring, to a long covered, as well as  pasture (+/-3,5 HA).
(2) the brewery "Beim Pier" can accommodate 45 guests at the restaurant and has two rooms for meetings and conferences on the first floor of the building.
What are the main elements of the project of the association Mathellef Association?
(1) the Mutferter Haff is a low threshold psychiatric institution , only a medical certificate is required, there is not other constraints for an admission in one of the workshops.
(2) the Mutferter Haff is the only therapeutic and protected workshop at the Luxembourg that accepts weekly working hours from 1 hour to 40 hours.
(3) in order to combat prejudice against the mentally ill, bringing the two target populations, Mathellef asbl chose workshops, activities, who demand and promote the visit of outsiders, completely unrelated with psychiatry.
-The pension for horses: daily tours of the owners and their families are usual at the Haff.
-The brewery is currently attended by thirty clients per day.
(4) the working atmosphere at the Haff plays a crucial role: located in the green area, away from the homes, this atmosphere of peace, serenity, holiday and well-being must be able to be felt also in professional, therapeutic and educational relationships on a daily basis.
What are the types of services offered by Mutferter Haff?
(1) the pension for horses: Mathellef asbl rents the boxes for horses to private owners and ensures the professional framing of these (daily cleaning of the boxes, feeding horses, framing services to the application like e.g. set to pre, longage, etc., maintenance of the surrounding area,...)
A team composed of 2.75 FTE Full Time Equivalent  of educators-instructors, equestrian, supervises a group of around 25 people with psychiatric illnesses.
(2) the brewery "Beim Pier', a quite ordinary brewery, offers dishes of the day from Monday to Friday. A menu  'à la carte' Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights as well as Saturday and Sunday.
The tighter team consists of 2.25 FTE of educators-instructors, professional restoration. They frame +/-25 people with psychiatric illness, separated into two teams, the team of the cooks and help-servers.
What kind of employees work in your therapeutic workshops?
Sick employees are people who suffer from psychiatric illness, certified by a doctor-psychiatrist. Mutferter Haff also accepts two by workshop employees benefiting from the income of Inclusion social REVIS , without relevant psychiatric pathology.
On the other hand we also accept regular trainees, as part of their studies secondary and/or secondary technical and under their specialization (University studies).
2. the purpose of the experience
Mutferter Haff was created to meet the need growing to the Luxembourg:
(1) of therapeutic work spaces in the psychiatric rehabilitation of people suffering from psychological illnesses and
(2) places of work protected, professional inclusion under the law on the income of people with disabilities, law of 12 September 20013.
(3) creation of a structure open psychiatric, giving free access to every citizen, allowing, through regular contacts, the persons concerned and the so-called 'normal' population to know and appreciate each other.
Mathellef Association always has as main objective to operate open, modern psychiatry service, meeting the standards of a humanitarian Psychiatry, with emphasis on the person, not only on his illness.
Another goal was to give the poorest people access as soon as possible to a psychiatric rehabilitation structure in order to ensure better continuity of care that is still largely lacking in the Luxembourg.
Why these two activities, horse and brasserie requiring havy investments?
Beyond what has already been exposed in Mutferter Haff mission to point 3 of the first chapter, another important point was the contact with the horses. Indeed, by framing regular horses, by cleaning up their boxes, giving them food and putting them in the Meadow, this regular and frequent contact with these animals has a direct and immediate effect on sick employees of the fact that relationships are easy to install and support the well-being of employees.
For whom the brasserie, its smoothly runing demonstrates clearly that the idea that people suffering from psychological illnesses do not want contact with the people of racks and vice versa is not true, because the number of customers increases regularly and help cooks and servers help team works well and applications for admission in this workshop are very stressed.
3. the implementation, the operation
Installation and scalability were spread over what period?
The project, written in 1995, at the time of the donation of the land of 5HA to Mathellef asbl took a lot of time due to problems beyond the will of Mathellef Association.
Early 1995 proposal of the donation of land by the Kohl - drafting of the family
20/09/1995 the Foundation "Stëftung Mathëllef"
12/10/1995 meeting at the Ministry of health to define the missions of the STM in the reform of Psychiatry
1998. first budget for the construction of the therapeutic farm
1999 refund from the budget to the Department for reasons beyond Mathellef
20/04/1999 constituent Assembly of Mathellef asbl
2002-03-01 hiring a coordinator of site based on a contract of vacation
29/08/2003 order G.D. allowing to accept the donation of the land
20/06/2004: architect competition - choice of the project of LUX - ICA
15/09/2005 request for permission to build in the commune of Contern

e = "make - size:14px;" > 15/09/2005 application Commodo - can the Department of the environment

21/09/2005 waters and forests
15/12/2006 authorization on the part of the administration of waters and forests
15/07/2007 new application due to change of plans
08/15/2008 authorization Commodo - can (environment)
2008-10-13 permission to build in the commune of Contern
15/11/2008 construction begins
Dec. 2008 closure of the site first for due to bad weather and then for financial reasons (MISA subsidy)
01/10/2009 reopening of the site
01/11/2010 opening of the therapeutic workshop
14/05/2012 opening of the Haff Mutferter
What is your operating mode?
-The concept of social psychiatry
The therapeutic workshop "Mutferter Haff" works according to the concept of social psychiatry. According to this conception, the support of psychic ill people focuses on the social causes of psychiatric disorders. Social references and terms family and societal ill people are taken into account with the same attention as the usual medical considerations. Beside these physical, neurological and psychological aspects, the social environment is paramount and is considered as cause first for a good number of psychiatric disorders.
To ensure this support, working methods are based on the principle of interdisciplinarity that involves the pooling of skills and knowledge of the qualities of each Member of the staff of the workshop or external collaborators. It is this collaboration coordinated all that comes the added value of the principle of interdisciplinarity, essential to support and accompany the psychic patient in respect of his person.
In practice, this principle can be achieved by:
A little flat hierarchy, by delegating the responsibilities according to the specific psychiatric skills, communication of all information relevant and useful for the well-being and personal and professional development of the patient and his entourage, whether medical, psychological or social type, easy and permanent accessibility to each Member of the multidisciplinary team to these information, regular meetings of the full team and team faithfully (monthly/weekly) regular meetings with the person concerned to monitor their professional development, to adapt the rehabilitative efforts to eventually redefine the guidelines and objectives of support.
-The principle of the therapeutic community (Gemeinschaft therapeutic)
The concept of the "therapeutic community" (therapeutic Gemeinschaft) can be considered as a broad range of therapeutic action encompassing all of the therapeutic energies of the structure concerned, here the therapeutic workshop. At the same time, it is constituted by the community of patients who make it up and who support each other in their therapeutic process, it's a community of temporary life. Patients with similar problems decide to use the means of the community to participate in their therapy under the guidance of staff.
-The values conveyed by such a community are:
-honesty and frankness
-balance with respect to 'take' and 'give '.
-personal growth to assume duties and your rights
-confidence in the therapeutic virtues of the community
-confidence in the power of the will and the conscience
-personal responsibility towards oneself and others
-sense of community.
4. What assessment do you have today?
Mathellef asbl tries to do her best and to continue on its way, which is that of empowerment, inclusion of people with mental illnesses.
Mathellef asbl satisfaction is that the concept seems to work, on the one hand from the point of view of people suffering from psychological illnesses and on the other hand our clients, whether they are tenants of boxes or the customers of the brewery.
It is certain that the Haff Mutferter will still have to make serious efforts to approach the rehabilitation of persons suffering from mental diseases according to the concept of the inclusion of people with disabilities.
What changes have you seen? What developments seem desirable to you?
The concept of any project should always questioning themselves, recognize errors and make the changes that are needed.
To the Mutferter Haff, we found that the concept of 'face to face' of the persons concerned and the people is rewarding for both populations.
A necessary evolution seems to be the participation of people at all levels of decision-making, that's why we begin this year the project "Increasing participation by taking responsability!". "
What challenges have you faced? What are the limits of such action?
The difficulties, there are everywhere and there is always. But we can overcome them, exceed them or work around them. The most important is to adapt to its political, social and medico-psycho-therapeutic environment to ensure the survival of the project.
The limitations are those imposed by reality, but with a little creativity, we get to exceed and must respect the principle that it is never to create a better environment to individuals, but to enable them to live better and well in our society!
What lessons to be used by those who are tempted to be inspired by your action?
I would cite our President, Mr Guy de Muyser here willingly freely:
"With me be careful, I'm originally from Wiltz, Oesling (region in the North of Luxembourg) and I am known to be stubborn!"
I agree and I sign...
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