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Accueil Action Cambodge Handicap The path to self-sufficiency of a young association supported by donors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Action Cambodge Handicap
  • ACH/PSE BP 2107 Phnom Penh 3 Cambodge
  • +855 (0)78 314 215
  • Pierre Chetcuti

The path to self-sufficiency of a young association supported by donors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • Labour : Production and Services
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Par Pierre Chetcuti le 09/10/2017

The main objective of our production of jams and fruit juice is financial independence. But the learning and acquisition of know-how by adults have aim their employability.

  1. Action disability to Cambodia, the context

Our venue is located in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. We have a fireplace of hosting a jam factory of 80 m² and 200 m² for rent. Our own home is being built on an area of 350 m2

Action disability Cambodia - ACH - association was created in 2010 at the request of the NGO 'for a child smile". His project is the reception of adults with mental disabilities in a framework of community and family life.

currently 15 adults are welcomed. One dozen others went by ACH and have inserted themselves socially. The average age is 21 years. Adults were referred to our home by other NGOs dealing with children or their own family

  1. A purpose;  self-sufficiency and a path that goes through the production of jams and syrups

Action Cambodia Handicap is currently living in donations. So we are in poverty. We receive no support from the Cambodian State, but hope that someday he will be commensurate with the needs.

The choice of income-generating activities such as jams and syrups made part of our path to self-sufficiency.  We were looking to set up an activity that we maitriserions, we found that there was a market to take and we process competences.

If the main objective of this activity is financial independence, have learning and acquisition of know-how by adults as aiming their employability.

Apart from the financial aspect the issue of governance is also a factor of independence.

  1. The implementation of the activity

The fruit processing activity began in March 2012

We first sought suppliers of fruit. Then came the period of cutting learning and training cooking and potting. The search for points of sale then ensued for the marketing of the products.

The fruits come from suppliers present wholesalers market. All cutting, processing is done by hand. Learning has been a classic transmission of know-how.

We develop commercial network by participating in events and variety shows. We meet directly with dealers. Indeed, we are the only company to offer a product shaped according to the standards and French recipes with local fruit.

  1. The resources deployed

  • On the human level :

    On-site supervision is provided by a local director supported by 4 employee / premises and 2 volunteers.

  • financial :

    The living space is rented. All funding comes from donations.

  • on technical and material :

    For production, we have stoves gas, pots, tubs, shelves, tables and boards to be cut.

  1. How do you evaluate today?

We have achieved all or part we had initially. What counts for us is the labour and social integration of people with disabilities. But we have also seen that self-esteem grew up in adults as well as ease in their social interactions. Still them have to acquire social skills, like being on time, follow directions, etc...

For our Organization, the main challenge remains to mobilize and retain staff.

Our experience teaches us that, if it is good that they develop, stocks should remain adapted to the situation of the people. Do not be discouraged! To get a result of 10 energy of 100. Mobilize and engage the most of local staff must remain the guideline.

Text prepared in view of an interview of Mr. Pierre Chetcuti.

Langue d'origine : Français
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