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Accueil MESSIDOR The job coaching : a path toward integration in the regular workplace for people with psychic disabilities, Messidor, France
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  • Patricia Raynaud

The job coaching : a path toward integration in the regular workplace for people with psychic disabilities, Messidor, France

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Par Patricia Raynaud le 19/04/2017

The Coaching Job is dedicated to people having psychiatric disorders. Their fragility does not allow them to be aware of procedures to access employment or keep their job. Job Coaching is an accompaniment to sustainable employment.

1. the context

Messidor was founded in 1975 as a non profit association. The headquarters is located in Lyon.  The association manages facilities and shelterd worshops (ESAT) and adapted enterprises (EA).
A study conducted in 1974 by Vincent VERRY, founding President, showed the difficulties faced by the psychologically fragile people to face the world of work. Many remained inactive and isolated absence of establishments providing the transition between the hospital and the economic world.
Messidor with today about 705 people with psychic disabilities.
Coaching touches about 205 people.
Messidor is present in the Region Rhône-Alpes and in Charente-Maritime

-How did job coaching reached Messidor?
The coaching job is a support method that relies on the program called IPS (individual Placement and Support) which offers intensive monitoring individualized job search, maintain and support for employment in the ordinary labour market.
After an experiment of three years in Haute-Savoie, and in view of the results, Messidor has decided to set up this programm on sites MESSIDOR of Charente Maritime, Drôme, Loire and soon in the Rhone and Isere.

2. the purpose of the experience

The Coaching Job is dedicated to people recognized or not as disabled poeple and suffering mentally. This is to accompany people who do not want to work in structures protected and suitable environment  and who have difficulties of integration on the job market. Their psychic fragility does not allow them to be abreast of procedures for access to employment or to keep their jobs. These people often have a chaotic course that makes it difficult to the valuation of their application and a loss of confidence in their abilities.

What were the limits of actions of insertion in employment already practiced in the ESAT or companies adapted from Messidor?
This accompaniment to sustainable employment is not possible for everyone. The mission of the Job coach is also to evaluate the potential of people and redirect those that cannot access direct employment to other services, such as a suitable company or an sheltered worshop. It can also lead people to ask to recognize administratively his disability.
The job coach must bring expertise on the capacity of the person to join the regular work and under what conditions.
-What population is particularly affected by the job coaching or accompanied by job?
These are adults having mental desorders and who wish to enter the job market with intensive support.

3. the job coaching in action

-What is the job coaching at Messidor? What is the originality compared to other insertion methods?
This method allows to increase the chances of finding a paid job considering the strengths and preferences (working on the dream job), assist the job search (accompany, guide, but do not do instead), demonstrate and explain the reality of the market, determine the number of hours of work and overcome the difficulties, be related to medical, health and social referents

The course includes several steps:
1. the professional profile: it is intensive monitoring, meetings are held every week. These weekly meetings allow to better know the people, their experiences, their profile and identify the opportunities and obstacles in order to find together the levers to mobilize.
2 job search: allows the diagnosis made at the professional profile of establishes a professional project that will allow in this second phase, building a job search strategy to optimize access to employment.
3. access to employment: it must be fast in the form of internships or small successive contracts.
4. employment: they assess the capabilities and challenges of the person, from which we will validate or not their professional project. The implementation of mentoring in business is an important issue, it allows to facilitate the integration and optimization of adaptability. The guardian is in constant interaction with the coach job that needs to be present and evaluate the job layouts.

-How much time do you follow people?
There is no length of time

-What is the gain for the company?
The recruitment of a disabled person allows the company to reduce or remove its annual contribution to the AGEFIPH. Beyond the regulatory aspect, accommodate a person with disabilities allows the company to assert its social responsibility. Also note that if the compensation measures are respected, they are often people conscientious and loyal to the company.

4. the means implemented

-In human terms: how many people are usually followed by a coach job full-time?
A Job Coach must follow 20 beneficiaries
-What are your partners and influencers?
Prescribers partners are partners on employment and the social care sector

5. How are you doing today?

-How many people join you in Job coaching to Messidor? What percentage returns to employment?
Generally 50% of the beneficiaries were in employment in a year.

-What are the main reasons for the failures?

There are several cases: either a lack of drugs, or a bad evaluation of the means of compensation. It can also be a company that does not all means to integrate the person.

-What difficulties did you encounter? What are the limits of such action?

When a person encounters difficulties, it is desirable to redirect. The work can be bad dealing with.


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