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Home Rainbow 'Positive development' as a method applied in the specialized classes of association arcenciel Tanayel, Lebanon
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'Positive development' as a method applied in the specialized classes of association arcenciel Tanayel, Lebanon

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From Nadim Abdo the Jun 11, 2018

Arcenciel, positive reinforcement is part of the culture. Our association founded during the war in Lebanon in 1985 for sustained, accompanied in this way and with that look of many families and people affected by the after-effects of the war, to the exclusion of the difference.

  1. The context

The Center arcenciel is at Tanayel in the Bekaa Valley. It was created in 2004 by the association arcenciel born in 1985 during the civil war. She then went to mission to participate in the sustainable development of society by supporting vulnerable communities and integrating marginalized without distinction no.

The work with children with disabilities is one of the actions the Organization arcenciel, among whom others have turned to environmental and sustainable agriculture, health, responsible travel or assistance and mobility of youth.

Specialized school of Tanayel welcomes 88 children in 12 classes with an average age of 7 years, divided between autism, mental retardation, reduced mobility and the cerebral palsy.

  1. The opening of a Center in the Bekaa Valley

Program for disabled children which includes a nursery and a school has been opened in the Bekaa Valley, because it is found a high rate of birth of babies with mental retardation due to blood inter marriages.

We immediately focused our work around positive reinforcement of the capacities of the child as it is to us the only way to encourage the person to develop capabilities

Our goal with this approach is to ensure the reintegration of some children in traditional schools and to continue to assist the development of those who might be independent.

  1. The implementation of positive reinforcement,

The specialized classes were created in 2010, operating under the same model of positive reinforcement than that already at work in the association for other categories of persons disadvantaged.

It is a personalized approach that relies on the development of the personal abilities of each according to its rhythm.

Teachers and all the participants encourage the Exchange and positive interaction between students. Success does not necessarily by knowledge, but by a right understanding of the situations that develop the patience needed to respect the rhythm of each and keep a positive Outlook.  The contribution of parents is of great importance. They are partners in the development of the personal progress of each child.

We have developed a custom skills notebook which adds to the physical updated each month. Similarly, rules of safety and use of equipment for workshops, complete different procedures from the home until school starts at home.

  1. The means of the special school of Tanayel

The supervision is provided by a team of 18 educators and therapists (physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychology, nursing, psychomotricity...)

The teaching team is supported by a team of administrative and logistics of 12 people.

We started the school with the support of Dr. Danielle Pichon, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.

On the financial side, we have the support of the Ministry of Social Affairs for contracts so-called academic for Lebanese children. We provide the tuition of non Lebanese through projects supported by partners (UNICEF...)

  1. How do you evaluate today?

Our greatest success is the integration of a child in a school not specialized following his visit in our hotel, and especially the appreciation of parents who see the evolution of learning and well-being of their children.

The objectives we had initially are partially achieved but constantly reviewed and adjusted according to the needs on the ground.

Among the changes, we can see that society is more willing to accept differences and the inclusion of people with disabilities

The main challenge lies when young completed his apprenticeship, and arrived at a certain age, is not a structure that can welcome him and participate in his independence.

Therefore raise awareness among private companies and the public sector to the hiring of people with disabilities according to their potential.

We invite all actors in the field to share their experiences to develop the sector and participate in its evolution.

Our experience shows that people with disabilities contact teaches us to value more what we have.

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