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Home ASEDEME The development of fine motor skills by Visual arts: a time of pre-apprenticeship training for young adults in the Dakar Centre Aminata Mbaye
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The development of fine motor skills by Visual arts: a time of pre-apprenticeship training for young adults in the Dakar Centre Aminata Mbaye

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From Mustapha Ba the Apr 02, 2014

It's giving young adults the basics of a profession with final goal to integrate, in a few years, in a regular shop.

The context of the ASEDEME and the Centres Aminata Mbaye

The Senegalese Association for the Protection of children deficient mental (ASEDEME) was founded in 1989 by parents of mentally retarded children. Since 2009, she obtained the status of Non-Governmental Organisation.

The ASEDEME opens 1er Centre medico-psycho-educational Aminata Mbaye in 2003 in the area of Grand-Yoff in Dakar. The centre hosts 114 children and teenagers from 5 to over 20 years with a slight mental disability and average. In 2007 pre-professional workshops have implemented the youth from 15 years with initiations to several trades: sewing, hairdressing, ceramics, carpentry, shoemaking, cooking, baking and gardening. These workshops are their relevance in a vocational training which can lead youth to a trade at the end of schooling.

In 2008, a 2e Centre is open in St. Louis.

Purpose of the experience

The objectives of the Arts Workshop:

-develop the capacity of concentration of children

-develop their fine motor skills by using tracing, drawings, coloring, painting

-develop their imagination and creativity

-have a good mastery of gestures

-develop their cognitive functions, follow the instructions, know the varnish, the colors through the paintings, the forms, materials, explain the utility of an object...

It's giving young people the basis for a business with final goal into one regular workshop in a few years.

The progress of the Arts activity

The monitor works in the centre since 6 yrs and intervenes in all classes according to the level and the need of the students. The workshop takes place from 11: 00 to 13: 00. Children who participate in the workshop have between 6 and 15 years for the group 'Yeewu"(awakening in wolof) and more than 16 years for the group"Yaakaar"(hope in wolof) as well as the intermediate class called"butterflies ".

The activity takes place in a classroom or in the workshop of the monitor with 10 to 12 children or young people. Professional, assisted by one or two educators who support students, says the work to be done and realizes a topic for a demonstration. Then it gives instructions to students who, little by little, will arrive to realize this same subject with the help and guidance, if necessary by educators.

The meeting begins with the explanation of the work to be performed which is distributed to the children. Framing it following each child when the realization and assistance if necessary, réexplique which has not been understood.

Actions are repetitive and children acquire according to their capabilities. They become more applied and more concentrated as the months. They become more and more precise, thoughtful and caring in their gestures. Some are very talented and can do their job. They will exercise it then either in activities generating income, or for the account of a workshop.

The means

Technique: various materials such as pencils, paper, glue, paint, frames, objects collected or recycled, but also a photocopier are indispensable for the conduct of the activity.

Financier;On a quarterly basis, a list of requirements is established and filed with the centre manager who provides them to the monitor. The latter may also to involve students in the collection of the needs, ask them to bring objects purchased or picked up in precise and easy-to-access places.

Human:More often, the professional teacher is accompanied by a single educator because downtown is as effective. The staff is not sufficient and needs training.


The intervener was able to Captivate students. He makes dream with the color of his drawings. They can stay focused and attentive, others manage to develop their sign. Students are assessed in mid-term and all quarters.

The Center is satisfied because children can express themselves and showcase their capabilities. Their behavior improves with the evolution of their acquisitions.

The limits of this workshop reside in its means. A framing additional would be including the well come to better accompany and help children.

This activity can be adapted to all disabilities and easily reproduced.

Gaëlle Verrier and Fatma Sy

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