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Home CEAPSY listening and home on psychic disorders Centre Inform about support systems dedicated to people with psychic disorders, a mission of the CEAPSY, Ile-de-France
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CEAPSY listening and home on psychic disorders Centre
  • 102, Avenue du Général Leclerc 75014 Paris France
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  • Marie Vandeville
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Inform about support systems dedicated to people with psychic disorders, a mission of the CEAPSY, Ile-de-France

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From Marie Vandeville the May 06, 2015

The Centre for psychic disorders (CEAPSY) is a resource centre located in Ile-de-France. Objectives of: Meet the needs of people suffering from mental disorders, their families and professionals in terms of listening, home, information, and counseling, Allow a greater fluidity in the life course of persons suffering from psychic disorders, Foster the emergence of a network of sanitary, medico-social, social and mutual help.

1. the context

CEAPSY, psychic disorders resource regional centre, have a mission information and guidance and a mission of observation of the needs in Ile-de-France. Currently, we offer to people looking for solutions (adults directly affected by the disease, their families and professionals),  permanences accessible walk-in, free and with possibility of anonymity. People can be hosted in our premises located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, or contact us by phone.
The mission of information developed by the CEAPSY is mostly centered on social and medico-social care dedicated to people with psychic disorders / disabilities of psychological origin. It articulates with the information tools already developed by the PSYCHOM that has particularly well developed on a health cure component (understanding of mental disorders, their treatment and the Organization of psychiatric care).

2. the implementation

During the permanence, the patient and the  social worker explore the impact that have psychological problems on the social and professional lives of the person concerned and the actions that have already been implemented. They determine how to approache the stakeholders on which to rely. The Professional offers to the requesting different possible solutions. The CEAPSY adopts a comprehensive approach and participatory can co-develop responses with the person seeking us by taking into account the wishes and reluctance.
These hotlines were opened in April 2014 and we have already responded to more than 250 applications. For 50% of them, are directly the sick people who have contacted us. The sollicitants mostly know the CEAPSY through the mouth to ear, especially via professionals. Others contact us thanks to our presence on the internet, in conferences or in the press.

3. the means which you needed?

Funded on an experimental basis by the regional agency for health inIle-de-France, the CEAPSY is controlled by eight main associations specialized in care services for public with psychic desorders and grouped in the Coordination régionale Agapsy IDF. During the experimental phase, the financial portage and the employer function are entrusted to one of these associations, the QALY, which makes itself available some professionals. This operation requires an important mobilization of associations.
The permanent team currently consists of a social assistant,  a special adviser, a Director and a part-time Assistant. As a first step, our efforts on communication  and capitalization of knowledge are concentrated on three of the eight departments of Ile-de-France (75, 77 and 94).

4. the purpose of the experiment and the assessment made today

The birth of the CEAPSY follows an observation shared by stakeholders in the field of mental health (users, families and professionals). The offer of social and medico-social accompaniment developed to the attention of those with mental problems is dense and difficult to read. Accordingly, people can multiply inappropriate research and do not know necessarily where to go for support. So much more than psychological disorders and their consequences on daily life often leave people destitute and destabilized. Therefore, it seemed necessary to offer a central place of information enabling people to better move. Our hypothesis is that by informing earlier and individually, we can participate in the improvement of their life course.
The CEAPSY is currently in experimental phase, which allows us to gradually adjust our model. The challenge adjust our complementarity with the players already in place in Ile-de-France: with services of health, social and medico-social sectors, but also with organizations that have mission to inform, guide, and/or wear a one-time support in steps in order not to duplicatewhat exists yet. Currently, this is done by crossing the information that we collect during the permanence, the opinion of a group of users of the offer in mental health that we mobilized to help us improve our communication media and the lifts that can make us professionals on their practices and issues that they encounter.
Firstly, professionals who play a role of information, guidance or support in the steps are sometimes little supply support that has grown to meet the consequences of mental social and professional lives (whether or not it requires a recognition of disability) or need to know 'trick and tips' to facilitate access. Therefore, it seems to us important to be able to transfer a number of knowledge developing actions to their attention (ex: information, tools...) and to intervene in support of the case by case, only for some situations they may encounter. Secondly, the patients themeselves or their relatives sometimes have no idea that this offer exists and that the only recourse is the care. This shows us the importance of communicating around this offer and show interest, propose to people contact us if they are interested to play the role of front-line information and sorting, and finally, to create a contact directly with organizations that may be involved in the relay of our intervention.


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