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Home Lives Association Dense Stays for people with intellectual disabilities organized by professionals in the medical-social Association Lives Dense, France.
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Lives Association Dense
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Stays for people with intellectual disabilities organized by professionals in the medical-social Association Lives Dense, France.

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From Sandra Lambert the Apr 21, 2011

They are proposing to create, manage and organize time and space for a daily reassurance through the expression "living with" in that everyone can find its unique


They are proposing to create, manage and organize time and space for a daily reassurance through the expression "living with" in that everyone can find its unique, its mode of participation and live in balance differences from targets stays consistent with the individualized project. Emphasis is also placed on autonomy, the spread of learning and socialization.



"The Lives Dense" is a non-profit association, founded in 2007 by professionals in the medical-social sector (Mainly medical and psychological assistance), and whose registered office is located in the Tarn. It offers weekend and holiday stays themes or camping and various outputs to promote the socialization of adults with disabilities.

The groups are made up of three adults at the moment but are intended to expand. It is now a year since the association is engaged in a battle to obtain administrative approval "Adapted organized holiday" because forced the Administration to obtain the first approval "Tourism". This may seem somewhat illogical since the association does not offer any tourism activity but stays to support persons with disabilities.

Those received between 18 and 60 years and experiencing mental disability.

The association offers of holidays or weekend, variable duration and determined in advance, allowing the person to benefit from an environment, business and leisure promoting relaxation and pleasure, and Relay stays or respite, of short-term and formalized with the educational team and / or legal representative. They will allow a support complementary to that of an institution, or alleviate parents in need.


The trips are organized according to requests of the person, Activities she loves: fishing, deli, kitchen, well-being (hot water baths, spa ...). This is to rest in a quiet and soothing.





Having all worked in institutions, members of the association seen a clear lack of proposals for an "elsewhere". In fact, people remain in institutions throughout the year, which can sometimes lead to behavioral problems. Many adults are seeking transfers, but it is expensive! Similarly, there is a demand in some families for whom the weekend in the company of the person can prove stressful. They want to be able breathe without feeling guilty. Finally, some people have no family visits and these are the only way for them to leave the institution.


The aim is to offer trips to these people that allow them to see something else, you can blow out of the community, it creates stress and obligations it creates. It is to live differently, to live at their own pace.

When the application is submitted in 2008, the main concern of the association lies in financing. The administration had made clear to the association that budgets would be virtually impossible to obtain. It was therefore necessary that it is reviewing its project, its objectives, including by asking the following questions: "What do we do this association?"What do we propose and why? "

It was really propose an alternative treatment, far more appropriate and individualized than other structures.


A first contact is by phone or mail for a brief description of the current situation and the purpose of the stay requested.


  • 1st meetingWith the teaching staff or the legal representative to discuss the person's individual project and the objectives to develop the site. A registration form and a form of autonomy they are transmitted in order to adjust supported.


  • 2nd meetingWith the teaching staff or the legal representative and the person concerned to establish a dialogue, if possible.


A trial is held, if positive, others stay will be programmed according to the preset speed with the team. Professionals offer their ideas to the preparation of planning and then make all the necessary steps for the proper functioning of stay (finding the place, shopping, organizing outings, welcome guests).


A schedule of appointment is given to the head office (like going back). When everyone is present, towards the base. On site, everyone settles. The person becomes aware of his bed, closet space, and an identification of the deposit is made. The weekend revolves between everyday life and activities planned at your own pace.


The trips are well defined in advance and organized according to the individualized plan of the person. Support comes in addition to that of the institution. For example, if the institution has been working on tooth brushing in particular, the association will continue this work. Otherwise, everything was set up and worked by the teams throughout the year within the institution would be completely abandoned. It should therefore readjust, relearn, and this would prove as difficult for professionals and for people.




  • In human terms : The educational team of "The Lives Dense" is composed only of professionals (AMP, mainly) aurrently volunteers. Numerous meetings were made in order to work in partnership with: other associations, parents, schools, the General Council, the DASS, the MDPH du Tarn, the mayor, or the owners of the different reception areas.


  • Financially : The funding comes mostly per diem for stays and events organized by the association or the ones he happens to participate (eg, Christmas markets and flea).

  • At the material and technical : Currently, the association does not have local and is awaiting a fixed location to accommodate people. An old building belonging to Jean Jaurès and given by him on condition that it be used for social purposes, this place could be fixed.


The tools and methods are suitable for those admitted (sill plate, pictograms, adapted cutlery). There is no theoretical current exclusive. The cottages allow us to enjoy the facilities and equipment required for proper operation. The only administrative action is made the application for approval.




The initial objectives are partially achieved. Members of the association receive many positive returns on their human qualities, the quality of supportedThis is very satisfactory. A real confidence established between the association, the core members and partners. Word-of-mouth plays a very important role.

The difficulties faced by the residents association including the lack of experience in the administrative organization of the stays, even if it is improving progressively.

Obtaining accreditation is still an obstacle to the development of the association, since the disadvantage of the number of guests and the budget that would pay salaries and provide professionals even more stays.

Funding is also a source of difficulty because of this, finding suitable sites on a budget can sometimes be complicated.

Many lessons have been retained by the association and its members, including organizing schedules, budgeting or stays. With each new experience, the management becomes more appropriate, more individualized, more human. Communication with families is enhanced.

The establishment of such visits is of course reproducible, provided assistance to benefit more financial and human.

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