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Accueil GEM de Baugé Members of a GEM - Mutual aid group - exercise international solidarity to Togo towards parcels of clothing collected in their area, Baugé in Anjou, France
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GEM de Baugé
  • ', rue Taillecourt 49150 Baugé en Anjou France
  • 02 41 74 42 83 et 07 88 40 05 89
  • Virginie Leroux

Members of a GEM - Mutual aid group - exercise international solidarity to Togo towards parcels of clothing collected in their area, Baugé in Anjou, France

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Par Virginie Leroux le 04/12/2017

We turned to an action of Solidarity International to also give back in return. Be in the exchange with the poorest brings to each.

The context


The Mutual aid Group -GEM- which I am the animator, is located in Anjou, in Baugé. We are leverage of a former commercial space of 100 square meters.

The GEM was created on January 15, 2015, with the support of the FNAPSY, National Federation of psychiatric users.

Anyone with mental disorder or social isolation can become a member of the GEM. We currently have 30 men and 20 women.

Activities which are proposed are cinema, pool, paint, manual work, outside visits, meals, workshop pastry, pony riding and well being massage .


The purpose of the experience

We turned to international solidarity action to be in a "give back action".  Because in countries like Africa, there is a lot of misery and we wanted to share with members the reality of other people who have problems and live with not much.

We chose Togo as we experienced them through Facebook and we found their action remarkable .

We chose the sending of clothing instead of money because this  association in Togo told us that they needed clothing. So that's why we sent packages of clothes


The implementation of the project


When and how did you collected the donations that you sent?

Our Gem has an activity of recovery of used clothing that we sell at a low price. It is through this collection activity that we could make  a package of 12 pounds to which we attached color crayons and stuffed animals for children.

We gave the most beautiful clothes that we had been able to recover. Boxes of crayons have been purchased. We don't send other items apart from those for the moment.

Our action is well known now, thanks to all our members and by word of mouth.


The means?

In human terms, it is the members who run this action. We were several to sort clothes, as well as to prepare the package before taking him to the Post office.

We stayed in communication with AVE in Togo throughout this phase of preparation as well as during sending and receiving.

We did not have funding for this action. We took on our cash cost of delivery of the package by mail, 120 euro.

What assesment today?


The parcel arrived in Togo. We have reached our goal.

The GEM members were happy to participate in this action. They speak to us regularly. I think they were satisfied

We have particular difficulty to carry out this action apart from the cost of the consignment which has strained our cash. In Togo they had to pay 50 euros of customs fees, which costs a lot for a good deed.

For future shipments, we will try to get in touch with people who go to Togo on a regular basis for not having these shipping and customs charges.

Members and I are happy to have made this action. We will pursue it but we must review the cost for our association and also for our correspondents to Togo because of collected customs taxes.



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