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Home FONDATION DES AMIS DE L'ATELIER "I say I am the game," a theater experience to Guérinière, an outbreak of Life Morsang sur Orge, France.
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"I say I am the game," a theater experience to Guérinière, an outbreak of Life Morsang sur Orge, France.

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From gallego the Aug 06, 2010

Be different and be an expression permitted by the Theatre Workshop at the focus of life in the Guérinière Morsang sur Orge,
Summary: Be different and be an expression permitted by the Theatre Workshop at the focus of life in the Guérinière Morsang sur Orge,
The theater, it can not be improvised, and yet ... overall theater experience at home Guérinière The Life of Morsang sur Orge

The home of Guérinière is a hotbed of life established by the Friends of the Workshop in 2006 at the invitation of the municipality of Athis Mons, municipality of 25,000 inhabitants 25 km south of Paris. This shared the distinction of having a strong social past.
The home accommodates 24 residents internal and external 6 residents and people in temporary accommodation. The core members have a mental disability and / or mental.
Residents have single room with bathroom and space for group meals or activities day. The proposed activities are the socio-cultural outings, sports, music, dance, business aquarium, horse riding, crafts, correspondence, ... In addition, the residents, a large majority of their trips are free and going. On weekends, they can return to their families.

A director, a manager, a secretary, a nurse, three service agents, three coordinators, a maintenance worker, night watchmen, 13 educators, a psychomotor, a psychologist and a psychiatrist working in this establishment. 4 Professional (3 educators and psychomotor) of the team involved in the theater workshop.
The hotel boasts an outside theater, Gerard Gallego (website: who has experience as an actor and director. His artistic journey has often worked with him to a public social nature. Gerard interventions are managed by the school budget now.

The conduct of the theater workshop:
Initially, twenty residents participated in the workshop and then a main core of a dozen people was formed. The event lasts two hours on Monday morning, it can be interspersed with break (s). Gerard Gallego, his assistant, three teachers and an accompanying psychomotor activity. Gerard has no specific preparation exercises for the day but a library of experiences to use based on residents.

The emphasis is on non-verbal communication - the look is sought, successfully to look at entering the relationship, ... - and verbal - we may not help an actor who looks, it is left in "the void "it will fill itself, so is his word, true, true. We work on improvisations, especially in relation to topics of interest in daily life, their own reality. For the representation that is preparing, what matters is the calling, from a proposal to express their desires. Next year, the show will be given over the place, "shared gardens" of Athis Mons that expand the universe of the show.
The assistant Gerard, educators and psychomotor play and get involved while helping residents to understand the demands of the director and helping them find their place in the group. For residents like the coaches, the establishment of a framework is important. Everyone must learn to adapt to various constraints.
Sessions, a coach takes notes and sends them to his colleagues.

At the opening of the facility, this was the living expression through dance, music, shadow theater, ... The demand of the residents was to make shows. It was an end in itself. The theater is a global project that involves body language and communicative individuals. This phrase is taken up by educators and psychomotor. Linger on the accompanying body language and emotions that can transmit the residents.
Gerard has previously met the director and the team was able to set up a project that allowed him to work counting which it is attached. His goal is clear: to enrich life in the home, allowing an opening to the outside, set up a mutual listening, and create an ambitious project.
The milestone after a year, is to present ongoing work on the feast of the home. Next year, the municipality intends to play the show in the shared gardens of the city. There will for the event of an artistic and social, professional actors and people of the town of Athis Mons that will mingle with the actors residents.

Teaching, assessment:
The psychomotor: Work on listening skills, understanding, sharing and the relationship with visible results that I reworked in psychomotor session.
The work around allows the imagination to enhance the creativity of residents and the expression thereof. It should be sensitive to the consequences of any work on the imagination, paying attention to the loss of identity of the residents that this may cause. The theater provides an individual and the establishment of a group dynamic. Residents are seen differently from their own skills (known and previously unknown). But most important is the pleasure they take to play.

Education: some residents have found their place easily in the group. We see residents differently, I feel I know them better. Some residents show their ability in the theater. They enjoy playing. It is interesting to see the developments of the residents.

The speaker in the theater: I proposed at the workshop, an exercise on the eyes: two, they were looking the other in the eye with no escape even for a micro second of the relationship another. He played there moments of great intensity. I remember that at the beginning of Matthew could not resist "the intensity of my gaze" over a second and after a few days of training was staring at me without dropping for more than a minute. The theater can work very effectively on the Looking to a mental or psychological disability and thus symbolically reflect the look that you wear on disability in general. Translation Project
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