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Scorecards of general ability and behavior at work. CAT in Vitry FRANCE

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From winter the Aug 06, 2010

Establishment and support services through Work, update individualized career plan. Assessment of general ability and behavior at work.

Objectives : - Allow workers to be involved in their projects by simplifying and clarifying the scorecards of general ability and behavior at work. Sheets used in the development project of the user.

To meet the rules of organization and operating under the law 2002-2 of 2 January 2002 renewing the social and medico-social.

Art. L. 311-3. - The rights and liberties guaranteed to every person supported by institutions and social services and medical and social. In compliance with the laws and regulations in force, it is provided:
Direct or with the help of his legal representatives in the design and implementation of the project host and support is concerned.

Each user is entitled to an individualized support and quality. It is best to satisfy this support that the law provides us with a tool: "The individualized career plan."
This project is defined through interviews and evaluations with and for the user.
If it is necessary to assess the abilities of each to identify the different possibilities of evolution and future projects, it is important to actively involve the user in this assessment.

To allow each user to be an actor of his project is to know to be attentive to their needs, wishes, allow him to speak.
But also make him aware of his difficulties so that he could envisage a project in accordance with its capabilities.

In this context we have proposed to update the evaluation forms and general fitness work behavior.
This work is a team (3 monitors). Several meetings were necessary for the creation of these files. We talked, worked, wrote, and shared it as a team.

Our job was to create forms for monitors clearer and easier for workers. We also had to adapt to changes in our educational techniques.
For example, we added the item of assessment that did not exist before, such as "managed its RTT and leave" or "Respect the rules of operation."
We also sought to simplify the language used for better understanding. And "Storage of procedures" to "Remembers instructions." (See attached sheets).

The worker grasps better the assessment, he understands, he is involved.
He becomes aware of its weaknesses and strengths. We can consider with him the implementation of a project. Translation Project
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