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  • Anne Bonnet

Interuniversity diploma on intellectual disabilities supported by three universities, Lyon, France

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From Anne Bonnet the Aug 21, 2017

Inter-university diploma has come to fill the lack of training on intellectual disability and the need to share with all the professionals,


  1. The context that gave rise to the association



The Intelli association'cure was born in 2006 from the desire to better support throughout their lives people with intellectual disabilities and their families by bringing together around them in the field of health, education, social skills etc.

The association is housed within the Foundation Paul Parquet in Neuilly (92). It is composed of families and professionals in the cure and care sector.


Very quickly was proved the lack of training on intellectual disability and the need for sharing with all professionals, what led the creation of the IUD intellectual disability - Mental disability;


The project today is on  one hand to pursue these objectives, but on the other not to forget support to professionals who have a great knowledge of the mental disabled person


Other services offered are


  • Information (


  • training (in addition to the developmental IUD, theme days, a watch on training courses or seminars on this topic),


  • support for research projects (for example with Oncodefi prevent and treat cancers of people with intellectual disabilities: )


  • -the creation in the french territory of a network of trained professionals



  1. The purpose of the Inter University degree


After a survey of 30 families affected by mental disability and after meeting professional who helped them best, the needs of training and sharing with other professionals including working in other areas we have seemed to be the priority.

We have wished to get closer 2 reference centres, approved for rare diseases (rare causes intellectual disability), one of their missions being training.


Aimed at the creation of the diploma

(1) discover a transdisciplinary approach of intellectual disability and mental disability

(2) deliver a body of common knowledge  to various initial training professionals to speak a common language

(3) facilitate the exchange of experiences between professionals and cover the territory in network


The target audience of the IUD is nursing, careres and educational staff who already have professional experience with people with intellectual disabilities: doctor generalist or specialist, nurse, psychologist, psychomotor, speech therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, educator specializing, specialized, Director of the school, teacher etc...



  1. Implementation, process


the IUD was born in 2008 increased by 3 universities Lyon1, Paris 6 and Montpellier1 but also by 3 academics working in disciplines different (Neurology - genetics and Psychiatry)


To register, it's necessary to exercise in the field of intellectual disability and have some experience.


Send CV and cover letter to for an acceptance letter in order to register on the site of the University Lyon1.


The training takes place in 3 seminars of 5 days. -cf displays attachment-


The program is the following:

Seminar 1: Historical and sociological Aspects. Positive clinical diagnosis of intellectual disability. Etiological diagnosis of intellectual disabilities. Seminar 2: Prenatal diagnosis. Perinatal. News of the diagnosis. Early support. Early childhood. Medical and psychological follow-up in children and adults. Seminar 3: Education, learning: Neuropsychology to pedagogy. Project Professional, project life, self-determination. Daily life (legal status, activity, accommodation, environment social, emotional and spiritual); Adult aging


1St Seminar takes place in Lyon; the 2nd in Paris and 3e to Sète for 25 to 50 professionals.

The control of knowledge takes place in September subject to attendance (written by MCQ Examination; publicly supported memory)



  1. The mains?


70 speakers provide teaching coming from

  • associations:-Personimages

  • -Rhapsodif

  • -OVE

  • parents

  • professionals : teaching middle, liberal sector, specialized centres (sight, hearing, autism, Lejeune Institute), National Education, health and social environment, Service special education clinic of Hainaut, vocational training, MDPH


    The logistic organization is largely provided by Intelli'cure. To facilitate logistics and the management of the diploma, only the UCBL (University of Lyon) is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the IUD, receives all of the inscriptions and delivers diplomas.

    We have financial support of individuals and from the Obelisk Foundation.


Classes are held at each seminar in centres that can offer classrooms but also food and accommodation. Complete immersion fosters dialogue between professionals.


  1. How do you evaluate today?


About 350 professionals have been trained on the territory and are very reactive in the network.

Currently we are considering training available to professionals on modes of training by E-learning and assistance to accompany or replace the face-to-face.

Every year, we have approximately the same distribution: 1/3 doctors; 1/3 paramedics and psychologists and 1/3 from the sector associations, education, social

The success rate is important, but the work and dedication are rewarded.

The meeting of 5 years was very followed and we hope that it will be the same for the 10 years!

The program evolves. We want to inform innovations.

Among the difficulties, there is the fact that some professions are underrepresented: education national-Psychiatry - State's doctors we would like to welcome some more

Still, these seminars are a hotbed of extraordinary meetings with professionals to better understand and support the people assigned to them.


 interview of Ms. Anne Bonnet

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