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APEIM Association of Parents of handicapped children in Mauritius
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Testimony of one self-advocate Inclusion International, APEIM, , Mauritius

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From Irene Alessandri the Dec 12, 2012

Testimony of Pravesh self advocate of people in situation of disability and with Maurice inclusion , following training on advocacy.

"I am proud to be a self-advocate!

Harsh, 24 years old, works in APEIM for 3 years. An association that he knows very well since he entered at the age of 13 as a pupil. Today, harsh returns on his route and the reasons which motivate them to engage in advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities.

"I am very proud to be a self-advocate. My model is Mia (Editor's Note: the trainer of the Lebanon who moderated with her mother three days of training in advocacy for Inclusion Maurice federation). I was impressed by Mia, she is trisomic, but she knows how to read, write and speak three languages. Me, I could not study much. I couldn't follow in class, I was not taken into account in primary school, I was always in the back of the class. At the age of 13, I came to APEIM, I was student in different sections and then in the workshop. Today, I know to read and write and I understand English.

Apeim has given me a job, I do the maintenance of the offices, I prepare the tea and I'm answering the phone during the noon-hour of my colleague. I prefer to work at the front desk that do the cleaning. I love messages, greet people with a smile... I hope to one day find a job in a company as a receptionist.

And I have several projects. Already, I am proud to be a self-advocate, if I could meet the Minister of social security, I would ask him to take courses of computer science, and I would also ask another system for the review of the licence. I am doing well in conduct, but I can't pass the code. I failed 4 times just because I have not enough time to reflect on the questions. Examination that happens on it also penalizes me.

Then, I want to marry. But today, I do not earn enough money and I still need my parents to advance in life...  I would like to live alone... or rather with my wife in a home, not at my parents.
In my spare time with my two friends, two neighbors, I play soccer and I do the bike with them. I also discussed with my former classmates APEIM workshop during my breaks. But I find that people like us have not enough opportunities to meet. I hope that I can often see the new friends I made during the formation of self-advocate. A girl I like and more in the group... And we must review all because we still have a lot to learn. To defend my rights, I better know the Convention on the rights of the disabled.

The role of self-advocate me please much. I want to be on a par with other citizens of Mauritius. I'm also motivated to defend others. For example, I would like to see one day classes for small children, who have intellectual disabilities. My dream is to see open classes for these children in normal schools. Like this, they can all are comrades... I want it gives young people more chance than me to study.

I would like to meet with the Minister of social security to tell him everything! ».

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