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APEIM Association of Parents of handicapped children in Mauritius
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Lift the stones, or raise capital to APEIM, Mauritius

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From Jean Marie Hyacinyhe the Jul 01, 2011

Lift the rocks is to seek grants and donators, appeal to the generosity pubic, briefly raising funds to continue our mission to people with disabilities
The specific context of an island that is no longer poor and not rich
APEIM, association of parents of handicapped children of Mauritius, was founded in 1970. It has 4800 beneficiaries, of which 700 are regular services provided by approximately 100 staff. Installed in six regions of the island, it has opened early intervention, inclusion kindergarten, special schools, home visits and workshops for adults.
To accomplish its mission, APEIM has three sources of funding, the state, grants from private or public calls for projects through the sale of greeting cards and contributions from families.
From the State Budget APEIM evolved. On assistance to charitable institutions of about $ 1000 in 1976, sort of encouragement, we switched to more aid but only partially covers our needs. The state does not take into account the education and training of people with disabilities directly, but assigned to associations that role. The government's priorities are more to frame the existing institutions and regulations.
Lift the rocks, a funding issue
APEIM therefore had to raise the rock since its creation to finance its actions. This means seeking funds. This role was initially vested in the Executive Committee. President at the time, to promote optimal operation, wanted to involve parents of the association of professionals from diverse backgrounds and who were sensitive to the mission of the APEIM.
Three or four of the committee working on the fundraising, but this task has been delegated to administrative staff gradually due to changes in society. The members of this board reserves now a role with the presence of policies. In 2005 APEIM has achieved parity, ie the same state funding for education of a disabled child as another child in a mainstream school, but not beyond 20 and until years.
Lift the rocks, a trade
In 1980, the first APEIM will inaugurate a training workshop for adults.
Today, the association manages four workshops across the island. Parents participate in the financing of these workshops, but we also need to find other funding sources. So now we are looking for local financing from private and international funding through various calls for proposals. But to do this, we had to work first with the establishment of a service project strong and consistent for adults. This service project, we have developed our inspiration from what was being done elsewhere in other countries and adapt the concepts and capabilities to our reality.
Donors were reassured by our project was based on the dignity of adults, the design work justified by the education they were given, and integration into society. We sent the project describing the activities with objectives mastered. This project was consistent, we felt confident to present it to the major donors who have given us money as well as local, land or work in their businesses.
Successively we had funding from Barclays in Mauritius, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), the European Union with its program of decentralized cooperation and other companies as part of CSR (corporate social responsibility and business).
It is a law that tax-free businesses up to 2% of their profits provided they pay back to the social NGOs.
Personnel involved in this fundraising are outside the executive assistant, accounting staff who provide the numbers and I who write projects for adults. This can be as a person who speaks a field for which funds are sought. Within three years 10 million rupees have been acquired through the European Union, with Barclays 1.4 million, 1.6 million with UNDP.
It is essential to be aware of calls for projects that start and be able to respond. Also be aware to take the time to write projects.
The lesson we draw
Often a large part is reserved for investment and must be imposed on aid given by the operation. We have done and this was the case with the European Union and UNDP.
But these funds have a limited life and must be safeguards to ensure their sustainability. Not everyone can do it. I think of evolution in particular on those funds, so they have a permanent component.
So now you have to fight every two to renew is a time-consuming as they say in English. Much progress is possible in Mauritius today with the creation of wealth in the country but in the meantime we must fill the void and keep the dialogue with the state.
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