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Association Atfal
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ATFALE or the virtues of four integrated classes supported by an association of parents, Morocco

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From grosjean the Aug 05, 2010


The Association has opened a Atfal clis (class school integration) in a public school in 2000 (School "Fkih Mohamed El Ghazi) cym Rabat.Ses objectives are to facilitate access to mainstream school children in mild mental disabilities with moderate to contribute to the improvement of living conditions in schools, educating families through parental guidance.

The Association works in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity, and the Association Al Mostaqbal.
A partnership agreement was signed in 2009 with the Academy of Rabat.

Currently it supports 4 classes:
2 to School "Fkih Mohamed el Ghazi"
1 to school "Nachia Mohamedia"
1 to school "Mokhtar Jazoulite.

The Association organizes cultural activities, parties, it provides a link teachers and families through advocacy meetings, she organized in the schools concerned parental guidance sessions which are led by professionals.

It also contributes to the improvement of school life by performing work at clis, by making available to students of furniture and teaching materials and rehabilitation (physio).
On the other hand it supports the work of teachers by placing a support educator clis.
Students are schooled in the mornings clis the afternoon they can access various activities and consultations with psychologists, and speech therapy at the Center partner Al Mostaqbal "which supports young people with disabilities over 16.

The Association is working with the psychologist of the Association "Al Mostaqbal" for guiding students to clis.Pour that the student is admitted to an integrated classroom, the Association seeks the advice of a psychologist or child psychiatrist and a physician. Hyperactive children or with different disorders are more difficult to integrate, but we recognize that they can change and evolve while attending school.

Aims that we sought is to develop autonomy, communication, academic learning, skills and socialization.
This requires awareness of all persons (principals, teachers and students in regular classes, families, professionals, etc ...) who encounter these students in school and in society in general and recognition of their needs specific. Contact and participation in activities with students in regular classes are very important, particularly during sports activities, recreation, the National Anthem, extracurricular activities, but also clis where children called "tutors" provide assistance to students with disabilities in various circumstances. They understand and rapprochent.La awareness of other children vis-à-vis disability seems promising future is seen as a reward to come in intégrées.C classes is that school integration.

The rhythms of schooling are different, the children of the working class integrated 8-h 30-12h 30 while the others are 10 am-12 am or 8 am-12 pm Afternoon 14 h-17 h.

In stockWe believe that these integrated classes or more specifically the preparation for integration, are absolutely necessary but does not replace the specialized centers which are useful for children needs spécifiques.La difficulty is that of directing the child to the right school, families should have the choice between different structures.

It is through teamwork (association, families, teachers, psychologist, doctor, etc. ..) that the orientation is possible. Currently, the fact remains that we believe that the school provides a supportive environment conducive to socialization, education, communication, and stimulation of students with disabilities, because of their proximity to other children. Draft translation
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