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French Institute Zootherapy
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Animal pet therapy or professional mediation, France

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From beiger the Sep 30, 2010

Presentation of the work of the French Institute of Zootherapy Mr. Beige.
 When asked what exactly is pet therapy?
It is first necessary to clarify that the word pet therapy joins the term "Professional Intervention in Mediation Animal."
"So mediation is practiced professionally in individual or small group of two or three people maximum, with a pet, carefully selected and educated under the supervision of a professional, called "Speaking the Professional Mediation animal" in the immediate environment of people with whom we seek to arouse reactions to maintain or improve their cognitive, physical, psychosocial or emotional. "
The animal involved in mediation is a health care professional or social following the training successfully and who specialized in one of three areas:
·         Therapy mediated animal
·         Educational activity mediated animal
·         Animal-assisted animation mediation
The French Institute of Pet therapy is unique in France, is situated in Isère, Velanne. We have offices, a room in a house of awareness, kennels, stables, a goat.
The French Institute of Zootherapy is an organization of Professional Training and Research on mediation animal and its applications in the professional world of social and health and special education. The Institute supports individual children (mean age 6 years) with several types of disability: social maladjustment - autism - mental retardation. Our "House of Awakening Specialized" welcomes children from 0 to 12 years in social maladjustment, language disorders, behavioral problems.
It is a great need and expectations in France because the government is overwhelmed by the problems of disability and youth. They do not know the field. IFZ then advance to provide complementary solutions.
The therapy animal does not mediate an end goal but seeks to provide solutions to problems without waiting for the government to respond. Ads are one thing, the means do not follow.
The institute has several objectives:

- Develop vocational training on mediation animal and all that relates to it.

- Develop a network of professional players in Europe and provide support, information, training continues.
- Address the size of new animal mediation for people in need.

- Organize initiatives for information on mediation and animal encounters between actors in the social and health seminars and conferences.
- Conduct reflection on mediation with animal health professionals, social and special education.
The implementation of this form of therapy began 35 years ago, Canada.
IFZ works including workshops.
These workshops are customized for each patient and guided by our Clinical psychologist, pet therapists Miss Jean AurélieAre based on methods developed by François BEIGE in Canada and allow transitional foster communication, education, social relationships, the cognitive pathway, autonomy and the development of these children.
The team consists of:
Miss Aurélie JEAN : Clinical psychologist, pet therapists, a specialist in autism spectrum disorders
Miss Tiffany GLAIZAL : Master in Clinical Psychology Animal Advocate mediation
Ms Anne LAMBERT: Teaching, specializing on issues of "DYS" and school maladjustment
Each child is individually monitored and guided according to his ability. A review meeting is held once a month with all the references that follow the child or young adult. This is not the occupational.
We set the scales of assessments and review meetings every 5 to 8 weeks with professionals from institutions where patients come, and with parents. To best measure the progress of the children we work with targets, we use rating scales, observation checklists, and summaries.
The French Institute of Pet therapy is an organization of professional and continuing education has also IMA Institute of Animal Mediation we welcome patients from different areas. Social maladjustment in children as young as 2 years, children and adults with intellectual disabilities. All our patients are least once a week for workshops mediation animal for a period of 2 hours and led by our psychologist. Each patient has a well defined program with specific objectives. Reports, rating scale, synthesis are discussed every 8 weeks, with all the professionals who follow our patients. The programs are established over a period of one year. We have people coming for 3 years or 5 years. We work with schools, with social assistance to children and with private. Psychological progress are recorded and discussed among professionals.
Our trainees during their practical component of this work and benefit assessments.
It is obvious that this work can be done by health professionals, social and special education who have completed our training
For more information you can visit the site of the institute:
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