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Horses and men, Bougligny, France

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From marichal the Aug 06, 2010

As part of the creation of the Occupational home Bougligny in 1999, an activity centered around the animals was put in place.




As part of the creation of the Occupational home Bougligny in 1999, an activity centered around animal has naturally set up in the old buildings. After a modest start, namely the reception of chickens and rabbits, we turned to the home of equines.


After five years of operation and before the enthusiasm of our people deal with horses, it seemed interesting to develop our expertise and want to propose it to an entire population.


The old buildings of the Home of Bougligny lend themselves quite well to the development of an equestrian home and external audiences. Currently, four boxes can host a horse hitch, a donkey and two ponies for the double horse riding. The whole is surrounded by a field 6.5 ha to secure the practice and work with confidence.


The originality of this project is the fact that residents of the Foyer have Bougligny an important role to play. Indeed, they are at the limit of activities called "occupational" and a real job in structures types CAT. This activity allows for them to develop the concept of rate schedule, working to provide in a given time ... They have the status of "assistant instructor" and must ensure the safety of riders and the maintenance of horses and of course help in the preparation sessions.


After the first year of operation, three nursing homes have adopted the practice of riding in our home. They have several slots on a weekly basis. Other institutions come out on time for teams. Some cities and organizations we seek to achieve a performance in ad hoc team of cultural events. We work on socialization and then the remaining obstacles fall on disability.


With these medical and social institutions, we take the time of observation, then we make a team an evaluation grid for each individual participant based on its level and its problems. This assessment is based on four key areas: Autonomy, motor skills, socialization, communication.


The goal is not to make them but to allow experienced riders awareness of self for a better life with its environment.


For those interested, we have linked to this form, the original document of the project as we have proposed to the General Council of Seine et Marne for a grant.



Interest in public welcome


The benefits of such activity are well known. So this project will:


-Ability for users to have individual support and adapted to its problems (psychological, physical, psycho ...).

-Ability for users to have an original way to develop social skills.

-Ability for users to be valued and recognized (by participation in equestrian events, the horse becomes a social mediator ...).

-Possibility for professional medical and social use this medium as a true support working to structure, to improve the lives of these people and find a structure suitable for the reception of the public.



1 - Objectives and means


Public welcome


In terms of public:

This equestrian activity is set up for people with intellectual disabilities and / or social, in the first place. In the medium term, it would be possible to imagine the welcome and support of mobility impairments, knowing that it is really specific to the appropriate equipment to be acquired.

This activity aims firstly to provide opportunities for those admitted to a sport and a passion while having a support adapted to his problem. It aims to bring together other professionals in the medical-social and the horse to work around and serving the people welcome.




A financial contribution will be requested to the institutions concerned to assist in the maintenance of horses and equipment.

The focus of Bougligny provides a riding instructor graduate of State for horse riding in compliance with applicable laws and other staff may need to intervene to an appropriate care and quality ( therapists, special educators ...).

A contract will be established between the institution and the institution concerned Bougligny to define and organize the practice of this activity, and the terms of schedules and educational assessment.



Organization and role of staff


The person who runs the equestrian (riding instructor graduate of State) has the exclusive right to organize the establishment and conduct of meetings. The person reference around which organized the event.

"Assistants monitors" represented by some residents of the Home Monitor assist the horse in work (maintenance of horses, facilities, equipment, ground aids for ponies during the sessions). The designation of assistant instructors is a status created from scratch to legitimize the place and function differently occupied by some residents concerned.

The psychomotor could intervene if necessary to complete the job around the person.

The supervisors of those admitted, will play an important role in the management of equity. They will make the link between responsible business and the home institution of the person.


Terms and personalized follow-up educational


Meetings prior to the public will be welcome among professionals and supervisors responsible for the activity to develop a coherent approach to the project of each person received.

Rubrics will be developed and regularly updated.

Meetings with educational teams can be considered to enhance educational processes.


Conduct such a session pony


- Group Home / Contacting / Time of meeting.

- Grooming the animal and allocation of ponies / Learning gestures / relationship to the animal.

- Support of the pony in the round pen / use of various equipment / body session.

- Back to stable / Verbalization of what is experienced / Review and synthesis with supervisors and residents / storage equipment.

- Review with instructors assistants / Understanding instructions / Distribution of tasks for maintenance of horses and equipment.


Course of a session type hitch


- Grooming by assistants monitors / Material Preparation / Filling of the mare.

- Group Home / Contacting / Time of meeting / instructions.

- Learn to conduct with the objectives of those admitted.

- Walks and hikes / Discovery landscapes / Meeting with local people.

- Back / Support for the mare and equipment by the assistants monitors.

Synthesis and balances with people and supervisors.




2 -        Person responsible for the implementation of the project


The person responsible for the implementation of this project activity was the Director of Occupational home of Bougligny, Agnes ROUMA, àlaquelle succeeded in 2011 Christine Gautier-Gaisnon. Hervé MARICHAL, Educator and Instructor equestrian employee of the Occupational home Bougligny is the initiator of the project and the person responsible for the proper conduct of this activity and its development.


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