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Home Foundation Anaissa Aurélie Mbandjoun testimony, Director of the center of the Foundation Day Anaissa, Douala, Cameroon
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Foundation Anaissa
  • BP 5072 Douala-Bonaberi Cameroon
  • +237 99510077
  • Florence Nkembé

Aurélie Mbandjoun testimony, Director of the center of the Foundation Day Anaissa, Douala, Cameroon

  • Childhood : Special Education
  • Africa : Cameroon
  • Testimony

From Florence Nkembé the Oct 28, 2011

The foundation Anaissa is created since 2000 and the center since 2004. It is located in the district of Douala Bonabéry.
We have a capacity of 15 children and adults and attendance varies from 7 to 11 people. Families dropping off their children at 8:30 in the morning and pick them up at 14:30. The entrance age is 4 to 16, but, of course, some stay longer here because there is no structure for them. Our work is multidisciplinary and complementary. The interventions of the psychomotor, the educator, the educator and therapist richer, are related and form a follow-up.
Connecting a notebook allows communication with parents. I felt we had put an end to education in our center. I thought I should go further and look elsewhere for the intellectual development of children, especially in the age of 10. There was an expectation of children. Their difficulties removed, some were bored and were looking for something else. At the same time, I felt they had potential. During the day of the African Child, I asked the siblings to come. Then I noticed a symbiosis. From a distance I observed that there was no difference and that siblings played the role of supervisor.
At this point we decided strengthen the educational side and create a special class for these young children, the equivalent of kindergarten and CIL (basic introductory course) I close the regular school teachers and am equipped for I am not a teacher. I started taking them in small groups of 2 or 3 and then I came to a individualization of teaching. I even went up to some children during holidays. Initially, it may take a whole term to trigger the mechanism, but as soon as they open, it works very quickly. Some may remain a quarter to write an "A" and then everything is accelerating.
I glimpsed the possibility of integration into the regular school. So far, those who were included met in kindergarten, as if they already knew, without discrimination, without rejection. It must be said that most of the time they have attended this facility and due to their late they were rejected and we were then addressed. I want them back in kindergarten, even if they are older than others. The limit is six years, because beyond the size and awareness of the child pose too many problems.
In 7 years, 5 children were integrated into the school system. For one, it was not positive. Proper insertion and monitoring family at home are critical success factors. Currently a young 8 year old is ready for reintegration in kindergarten. I stay in touch with parents and with their teacher to guide them.
All children that we welcome do not follow this course of rehabilitation. Some stay here, in the center. I would be better trained to better assist them in their progress and prepare for a career as an adult. I sometimes feel they have reached our limits with these young adults. Activities we would like to offer them professional, either here in the center or in the ordinary working environment.
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