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Home The Estaminet with Marius, a place typically Picard involved in the integration of people with disabilities, France

The Estaminet with Marius, a place typically Picard involved in the integration of people with disabilities, France

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From Decroix the Nov 03, 2010

An area of ??social life is born in a small town that offers Picard discover traditional games hosted by people with disabilities who have manufactured.



An area of ??social life in original Somme


The Estaminet "Chez Marius", established in 2000, is located on the village square Gézaincourt at the foot of the church and in front of the ESAT (Establishment and support services through Work) and Home hosting .


It consists of a large room that can accommodate 50 people, a large courtyard where you can play traditional games, as well as picnic and grilling, and a shelter where you can play, which is the old "Bal Marius". We previously used this structure to be in people who gathered at local festivals.


This is a public institution which depends on the General Council for hosting the party and state for the part ESAT. It recently merged with the public institution "Georges Couthon in Amiens". The merger of the two institutions has resulted in the creation of the Epsom public social and medical-social, which the Director is appointed by Management of Health and Social Affairs.


On the site of Gézaincourt, 100 workers are divided into several sectors: Industrial subcontracting, Building, Green areas, flowers, cleaning, catering, gardening, available in private homes or businesses, Estaminet (Marius and benefit games external).

3O women and 70 men are assisted in social life. Of these, 60 are housed in a center of diverse habitats: Foyer accommodation in houses and apartments as a snack Gézaincourt Doullens to the nearest town (3 kms). They average 36 years.


All employees of the institution are guided by the home county of Disabled Persons (MDPH, COTOREP old) and are recognized as persons with a disability lasting or temporary. These are mainly with intellectual disabilities associated disorders. A dozen people benefit from this approach because of criteria related to more difficulties with social maladjustment.


5 people living in retirement as well as three people receiving day care placement  swell this number and also benefit from the aid given by members of a multidisciplinary team: AMP, ME, ES, ETS, CESF, Monitors workshop, Housewife, psychologist, social worker.
These are 40 people who help to support these workers and residents.

A commitment to strengthening the well-being through professional integration and social cohesion

The facility is primarily welfare people. When working in the bar, we seek communication, social inclusion as they need to exist and live. The identity of the work is important, but these people suffer from disorders that prevent social integration. To exist it must be recognized and the other the tavern provides them living space very rewarding.

My mission as educators is to respond to these people by offering everyone a individualized project that will enable them to evolve and meet their social needs.


Fatigability, difficulties in setting a work in repetitive, non personal development in some sectors, the strong need for social recognition, highlighting skills justify the arrival of some workers at the pub.


Thus, there is not a final objective but rather ongoing research and individualized for well-being of the person that we place the center of a device specific support and interventions.


The main fear was that this business is not original enough economically viable. In fact, it was  that this activity was an educational tool very interesting, very relevant for people with disabilities, thus proving its complementarity with other sectors.


The implementation of the project


It is based on the needs identified by members of the teaching staff and evaluate our own skills and strengths of proposal I have put in place, with the help of the team activity.

We searched for a local (old bistro campaign) and funding. The demolition of the premises deemed too old and ill-suited resulted in the reconstruction of a building following the old buildings (cob). Then took place the establishment of an organization of economic management and academic support. Evaluations and reports are held regularly.


Employees with disabilities have several missions:


- Public Home

- Animations and explanations of the rules of the games.

- Waiter service for beverages

- Manufacture and repair of the games

- Cleaning the pub

- Management of drinks, ice creams, sweets, etc ...

- Preparation of games or room for the reception.

- Animations to external outputs.


Training in the visitor is provided by those responsible for the supervision:

A special education teacher and students in training promotion in schools preparing for occupations in the social.


Workers benefit from the tavern specific training as hygiene, room service, with the appropriate vocational training organization and is directly related to the establishment.


The tavern is open for public passage on Saturday and Sunday from 14h to 18h, but reservations are required for other days, depending on the projects of individuals.


We all kinds of public, Individuals, singly or in families, schools, recreation centers, special schools, associations, clubs, senior citizens and other groups.


The tavern is exporting its expertise by offering outdoor activities in the department, but in all surrounding areas and other remote locations, provided they offer workers an interest.


The proposed activities are diverse and varied:


-          Discovery of traditional games and animations

-          Home visitors and support

-          Gézaincourt walks around with games and practices, discover the rich rural areas: many animals in pastures and meadows, varied landscapes.

-          Visit the ESAT visit the composting station of the establishment

-          Tasting lemonade the old-fashioned  Regional Ice.

-          Manufacture of wooden simple games.

-          Monthly concerts

-          Theme nights: tales Picard, party folk, rock and ambient songs picardisantes

-          Animations games out for groups and communities but also to committees of parties, municipalities, recreation centers, etc ...

-          Traditional games rental

The means necessary for such a project

In human terms, we work with a teacher and two assistants needed awareness to the profession of the social.

Financially, the budget of the ESAT business which operates with the collector of the Treasury the economics of the tavern. There are no grants or external grants. The financial balance is satisfactory future projects and financial developments does not alter the positive. Example: More game rental.


Finally at the material we use tools for wood and a transport truck games and the entertainment team.


Discovered a difference and appreciated by visitors

        Many of our expectations were met and we are usually surprised by the results obtained for the satisfaction of people with disabilities.
This project as any project evolves and demand adjustments based on the expectations of the team and the needs identified.

Workers in the ESAT who benefit from this professional framework regularly and verbally express their satisfaction. We also evaluate it in terms of their motivation, their attendance, their availability. Although it is difficult to assess the welfare of people, we can say with certainty that this activity makes you forget the difference, the public learns to live with, to respect.


Visitors to the pub discover this difference through the essentially human skills expressed with great generosity. The tavern has become a space of social life recognized by all visitors. Many links have been created between them and the workers.
Our instructors are recognized through the warmth they transmit.


There are no major difficulties to which we may face. Only access to the pub to be reviewed for the disabled.
For now we deal with our knowledge and our motivation. An employee full-time employee would also be welcome.

In the future, we would like adapt to new demands such as animation in marriage and also provide a simple and easy restoration.


The project is replicable in other places, knowing that the most important success factor is the motivation of leaders organizing its operation.

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