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Al Faraj autism Morocco
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The beginnings of an association of parents of children with autistic spectrum troubles, El Jedidah, Morocco

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From Miloudi Essairy the Feb 12, 2018

The first Autism Act just published gives the basics of assistance on disability to the Morocco. Al Faraj is resolutely turned towards behavioural methods today for the education of children with an autism spectrum disorder.

The context

The association 'Al Faraj' has been created in 2014.

The project of the association is to take care of children diagnosed with autism until adulthood. The support includes the learning of social skills, educational and sport, education learning to self-determination. This project is based on the specificities of each child in consultation with parents. The association "El faraj" is created in El Jadida in response to a significant need for education and protection of autistic children in El jadida.


The aims of the association


The purpose of the association is to promote the rights of children with autism and try to provide them well being in an adequate framework and also assist their parents to create a space of communication between them.

Collaboration occurred between parents of autistic children and supporters who gave birth to this association.  The idea of the creation was suggested by the president of the association, itself has an autistic daughter and was a former member of an already existing association to El jadida, which cannot satisfy the growing demand in this area. A day open house and awareness is organized to disseminate information of the establishment of our association.


The operation and services of the association in its early days


After the creation of the association Act, the first work focused on the establishment of the organs of the association (the secretariat, cash and commissions), contact with health authorities and partners. Then came the selection of social workers and their training. After, followed the period registration and reception of children. In September 2014-15, fourteen applications are accepted: ten children begin learning path and four others remain on the waiting list.


The legal constitution of the association is composed of an Executive Board, general assembly and two commissions.

the Executive Committee: composed of nine members: the president of the association and his deputies, the Secretary general and his Deputy, the Treasurer and his Deputy, and assessors.

The role of the office of the association, with at its head the president, is to ensure the implementation of the recommendations taken at general meetings. It must also turn on the workings of the association and raise the necessary funds for the implementation of programs of activities developed by the association.

The president directs the association, chairs the meetings of the Executive Board, debate with the members of the bureau to take the necessary decisions. The Secretary general manages the officer of the association, prepares the meetings of the Executive Board and meetings and keeps the documents of the association. The Treasurer holds the association's budget, collects the fees of members of the association, runs financial decisions made by the association and finally maintains financial records of the Association. The association has two committees: the cultural and communication commission who is in charge of contact with the partners of the association and the commission responsible for matters of health of children with autism.

The purpose of the association is non-profit. The activities of the association are volunteers. The financial resources of the association are exclusively based on the membership of its members.



The resources deployed


The association today is funded by its members, the remuneration of the workers of social life is done directly by parents of children. The association undertakes, on his account, the A.V.S. training, for the maintenance of the educational structure and the provision of educational material to children.

For the execution of its programme of activities, namely: learning and education of autistic children. The association "Al faraj" concluded a partnership contract with the Agency of El Jadida S.O.S. children's Village in 2015. Through this partnership the association boasts a local who became "the educational structure of the association". Educational structure has its place in a large hall (15mx15m), converted into several areas, each space is intended for a "binomial" consisting of an AVS and children who are dependants; in the middle is a large table for communo-disciplinary activities between children; outside the teaching sessions, children become active at times of recreation and physical education exercises.

Each child is accompanied by an Assistant of social life  (AVS) which undertakes to educate him and teach him social and health of daily life skills. The AVS have been a training in the field of autism as well as other subjects such as communication and the right of Association in order to equip them to support children in their learning. They receive each year an internship of one month for their development.

The methods used for the learning of children are based on processes namely ABA and the PECS. Other processes are used for the improvement of language and communication as sign systems, Visual symbols and imagery; all these processes are adapted to the experience of the child and its own culture. For the development of educational programs a 'teaching cell' is responsible for the application and the evaluation of these programs. She is also in charge of the training and assessment of the AVS.



Assessment, lessons


Our objectives initially planned are not yet met because our association has set two objectives to be achieved by end of 2020.

The first is the human frame which consists of a network of professionals working in direct and permanent relationship with the association and children (doctors, psychologists, psychomotor (e) s, speech therapists, AVS...). The second is fundraising for the total management of a large number of children with autism.

In terms of difficulties, they are part of everyday life. Associations, volunteer work is quite difficult; It requires patience and commitment. Our role in the association to go to the people, mobilize them, educate them and convince them to join the cause of autistic children and to get our society off this ignorance that she overlooked this segment of the population.


The lesson that I learned personally is fruitful contact and enriching experience that I live with people, after my entire professional career.

The advice I can give is to be positive in its approach and accept the difference in all diversity.

In the previous two years the association succeeded to meet the needs of children, especially on learning and education. Much more needs to be done for the protection of their rights, because of ignorance of autism by our society.


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